Black Coffee by Agatha Christie (Review)

When the inventor, Sir Claud Amory, discovers that his precious formula for a powerful explosivehas been stolen, he is sure it has been done by someone in his house. Seeking a swift remedy, he locks all doors and switches off the lights to allow the thief to return the formula, no questions asked. But little did he know that he would not live to even regret this decision.

This was a classic ‘the murderer is in this room’ mystery, which I would have otherwise enjoyed, had it not been for the weak plot. Yes, this was one of those rare Christie novels that I had high hopes on, but I was let down. The beginning of the novel was quite promising, but I was disappointed in the end.

Let me tell you, as a Christie fan, that most of the murderers in her books can be of two categories. They are either the main character, whose name has been used throughout the book, or they are a character who has been completely ignored in the story, someone you would never dream of suspecting. The murderer in ‘Black Coffee’ fell under non of these categories, which is quite uncharacteristic of Agatha Christie.

So all I can say is while the story-line was good, the end could have been a whole lot better, because in murder-mysteries like this, it is the end that matters.

Still, it is definitely worth a shot. Who knows, you may even like it! Anyway, everyone has their own taste, and I would love to know your views about this book in the comments section!

Author: Rachel

Hey there, I am Rachel. I am crazy about books, and through my blog - "A Bookworm's Paradise", I try to connect with all the other bookworms out there.

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