August Wrap-Up! (Everything I read in August + My score for Trope-ical Readathon)

Hey, fellow bookworms! Hope you had a very ‘booked’ month (pun intended!). This post will be all about what I read in August.

I surprised myself by reading a total of 7 books this month (plus some pages here and there of other books)! Yes, I had seven books on my TBR, but I really hadn’t though I would be able to read so many! And it’s a coincidence, that even though I didn’t completely stick to my TBR, I read the exact number of books which were there on my TBR!

I had also participated in the Tropeical Readathon this month, which made the reading even more fun!

Here is a page from my bullet journal ( this is my first ever bullet journal, and the page below is only the second page in it!) which shows the books I read and the ‘tropes’ I read them for, along with the points for each one –

According to my calculations, this leaves me with a total score of 4625 points. Not bad, huh?

So if you notice, I had actually read books from only two series! I am that kind of person; once I pick up a series, I read nothing else unless I have finished all the books in that series 😀.

All those seven books (and also the extra pages from here and there) were AWESOME. I would definitely recommend all of them.

I have written a full review of the Infernal Devices Trilogy, which were my first three books for August. You can check it out here –

A review for the entire The Keeper of Lost Cities series will be coming soon (I have to finish reading all the books of the series first!) so stay tuned!

I don’t think I will be reading a lot in September, since I have exams and school stuff to catch up on. But I am sure I will take out some time for books, and will of course, keep you all updated about what I read!

What did you read in August? Did you read the same books as me? Any plans for September? Feel free to share your view in the comments!


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