Character Chat (Yes, I created a weekly tag!)

Hey bookworms! I am so excited to be starting a weekly tag/meme called Character Chat! I have always wanted to create a tag of my own, and today I had the perfect idea for it (yes, today, this is kinda an impromptu post) After all, what’s a book without characters!

So here is how this is gonna work –

  • Every Sunday, I will be asking a character-related question on my blog. I will also be answering it based on my opinion.
  • While answering the question, you have to name the character, the book which the character is a part of, and also tell us a little more about the character, and why he/she was an appropriate answer.
  • You can either put your answer as a comment on my post, or create your own post with the answer. The latter would be much preferred, as comments are hard to keep track of. If you decide to do a post, don’t forget to ping me back!

So this might sound quite confusing, but once I put today’s question and my answer, it will make more sense.

This week’s topic-

A character you do not want to get on the bad side of?

At the moment, I can think of Thaddea from the Nevermoor series. So she is basically a fighter, and an awesome one at that. She fought(and defeated) a troll with her bare hands. She was the undefeated champion of Nevermoor, but lost a fight on purpose to a boy she hated, to prove her loyalty to her unit. She also regularly offers to bash in somebody’s face. So thanks, but I think I’d steer clear.

And yes, you’re most welcome to use any of the graphics in this post! Looking forward to see your Character Chat posts!!


19 thoughts on “Character Chat (Yes, I created a weekly tag!)

  1. Defeating a troll with one’s bare hands!?? Woah I am I’m awe and a terror despite not having read Nevermoor! 🤩😨 And lovely idea Rachel! May I know if this tag only takes place on Sundays or can I post my answer later in the week (ie next week before Sunday?) Thanks and I’m excited! ☺️

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