Character Chat #3

Welcome to another Character Chat post! To those who are not aware, Character Chat is a weekly tag that takes place every Sunday on my blog. To know more, click here

All you have to do is answer the character-related question I ask, either in the comments, or as a post on your own blog!

Today’s question –

A fiercely loyal character (sometimes too loyal for his own good)

Aha! Tobu from Frostheart by Jamie Littler. He is a giant yeti (yeah, I know all yetis are giant) who was exiled from his land (still don’t know why) and is kinda like a guardian to the main character of the book, Ash. No matter how hard Ash pushed him away, how he hated Tobu’s teaching methods, and even when Ash came into the influence of the evil Shaard and told Tobu to leave, Tobu just stayed right there, solid and impenetrable like a rock (more of a mountain actually, considering his size 😅) and it was this nature of his that won my heart (although I still believe he could have taught Ash a lesson by really leaving him for good)

Now its your turn! Tell me about ‘fiercely loyal’ characters that you know of!

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