My Favourite Trope!

Hello guys! Welcome to my first real post after my hiatus! The title tells you everything, doesn’t it? This is quite a big commitment, to be honest. Obviously there are a lot of tropes I love, but I have been coming across this particular one in some books I read recently, so…yup. I think it is safe to say that it is my favourite trope for the time being.

Okay, okay. No more suspense, all right? I am declaring my newly-found favourite trope now. It is – when a character pretends to be downright evil and apathetic, but is actually quite decent and tries his/her best to help people out, and then pretends he/she did it for some selfish reason.

Whoa. You hadn’t expected it to be so specific, did you? And I guess there will be some shorter way to describe this trope, but I don’t know it if there is one🤷‍♀️. So please bear with my ignorant self. Coming back, this trope is not as rare as you might think. Let me list some popular books with this trope, and I am sure you will see what I mean.

Fenestra from the Nevermoor series by Jessica Townsend

Ah, dear Fen. Fenestra is a side character, and though she likes to act as if Morrigan and Jupiter are none of her business, she actually is quite concerned about their well-being and has shown (grudgingly) compassion towards them throughout the books. Oh, and I forgot to mention that she is a giant cat. Yes, the one behind the girl in the Hollowpox cover.

Raphael from Cassandra Clare books

More of you will be familiar with this one, right? Raphael is a vampire who plays little roles here and there throughout the Mortal Instruments series, but I came to develop a fondness for him after reading The Red Scrolls Of Magic in January. He became my favourite character in the book, and fits this trope SO well. Those who have read the book will definitely understand, but those who haven’t, I can suggest that you read the book, if only for Raphael.

Kaz from the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo

Haha. Ultimatum! I actually thought it was a good idea putting this one at the end. What if this entire post was just an elaborate excuse to gush about this book once again? I mean, I wrote out that entire trope with Kaz in mind. And it might have become my ‘favourite’ trope after reading the duology. “I protect my investments”. Seriously, Kaz?

Okay, for those you don’t know, Kaz is the main character of the Six Of Crows duology, and he pretends (and he is quite good at it) that his heart is stone and money is the only thing he cares about, but he does do some selfless deeds in the book. (Remember when he somehow managed to pay enough money to free Inej from her indenture?)

What is your favourite trope? Do you have any recommendations for me which have my favourite trope? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Let me know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “My Favourite Trope!

  1. Rachel! So glad to see you’re back from hiatus too and ahhh I 100% agree with you on that specific trope… Kaz is such a classic indeed and don’t worry, every of my non review posts are avenues to scream about Six of Crows too haha. Lovely post and I’m looking forward to getting to Nevermoor for Fenestra!

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