Birthday Book Haul!

Today is 28th March, which means it is finally my birthday, folks! I turn a full 14 years today! Eeek!!

(Too many exclamation marks? Wait till you read ahead ๐Ÿ˜‰)

And guess what my parents gifted me? Boooooooks!! (yeah, you don’t have to be so dramatic Rachel, what else have you ever asked for?) So obviously this was no big surprise, I myself had previously chosen the books and then my parents ordered them for me and arranged for them to arrive today in the early morning. So now I will be showing you all the books I received!

With better lighting!
In a stack!
The two MOST gorgeous covers from my stack!

These were the seven physical books I got as presents! They look absolutely stunning, don’t they? And you won’t believe it, but my father also took a membership of Audible for me, which means I can now listen to audiobooks as well!

Sorry for the abrupt end, but I have a lot I want to do today! Bye!

Author: Rachel

Hey there, I am Rachel. I am crazy about books, and through my blog - "A Bookworm's Paradise", I try to connect with all the other bookworms out there.

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