25 thoughts I had while watching Lord Of The Rings #1

People talk about Harry Potter. I say (in quite a condescending tone sometimes), “Yeah, I had read all the eight books AND watched all the movies 4 years back.” People talk about Percy Jackson. I say, “Yeah, I read the series and have seen the movie too. No big deal.” People talk about Lord of the Rings. I say, “Uhh sorry I’ll get back to you.” (which translates to – I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about but I am too embarrassed to admit that I haven’t seen OR read LOTR when everybody else in the world seems to have read and re-read it and then watched and re-watched it)

It was this embarrassment (+a little pushing from one of my relatives who is a fan) which compelled me to pick up my remote and start watching the first movie in the LOTR trilogy – The Fellowship Of The Ring. (and what better time to watch “one of the greatest fantasy books/movies ever made” than the month of Wyrd & Wonder, a celebration of all things fantasy?)

So since I really don’t do movie reviews, I have put down my thoughts while watching the movie here. Hope you enjoy!

  1. I like history, but can someone please tell me where exactly this is going?
  2. Oh man, so we do have a Voldemort here too, and the ring is just a Horcrux kinda thingy.
  3. So does Gandalf mean grandfather or something?
  4. Wait, the entire village is calling him Gandalf. So that definitely can’t be the word for grandfather. (though imagine if it was!) Maybe that’s his name. Whatever.
  5. I am beginning to have serious doubts about this Gandalf. Is he good or bad or somewhere in between?
  6. Aww Frodo is too small and cute to have this kind of responsibility (namely, safekeeping an ancient evil and supposedly alive ring who WANTS to be returned to its evil master). Shame on you, Gandalf.
  7. Sam seems like a nice fellow, doesn’t he? He is taking his responsibility of serving as traveling companion to Frodo seriously.
  8. My doubts have been cleared. Gandalf is one of the good guys (bad guys don’t get beaten up until the end😃)
  9. Where is Strider when you need him?
  10. Oh there he comes!! That will show you, evil black-veiled-thingies (I forgot what they are called😅)
  11. Too close, too close! Faster, elf lady!!
  12. Is this going to be one of those moments when somebody is about to die and the person holding them cries and a tear falls and heals the dying person?
  13. I am having a bad feeling about this. Whenever a large troupe like this Fellowship of the ring (9 of them!) set out on a dangerous quest, atleast one dies. I don’t want any of them to die…
  14. WHAT? How’s that possible? He was just stabbed deep in the chest by a creature 20 times bigger than him, and he is saying he’s alright?
  15. Ohh yes, the suit.
  16. So Gandalf is going to sacrifice himself so the others can get away? Very noble.
  17. Okay no, he is running away with them too.
  18. Okay yes, he just did. Sacrifice himself, I mean. 9 little boys going on a quest, one fell down, probably for the best. 8 little boys going on a quest…(yeah I actually made that up while watching the movie😜)
  19. Is Boromir one of the bad guys? ‘Cause he is looking away and is sweating when the sorceress lady is reading his mind.
  20. Oh I was wrong, that was because of something else.
  21. Wait, what? Is she talking about Legolas?? Pity. I kinda liked him.
  22. I never cared much about Pippins and Merry, but now suddenly I love them.
  23. no, NO!! Not Boromir too! What’s the point if everyone dies?!
  24. Okay, I hereby declare that I will NOT accept any more deaths of the members of the Fellowship.
  25. Huh, okay. *starts watching the next LOTR movie*

Have you seen the LOTR movies? How did you like them? Chat with me in the comments!

16 thoughts on “25 thoughts I had while watching Lord Of The Rings #1

  1. This has made me want to re-watch the LOTR films all over again (which will definitely take some forward planning since I have the extended editions)! I read the books a while back and I can confirm those films are excellent adaptations. If you’re interested in watching more after you’ve finished the trilogy, there’s also an animated LOTR film that’s worth checking out.

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  2. AAAAHHHH I’m a huge LOTR fan, so please imagine me vibrating in place as I restrain myself from LUNGING forward with all of the helpful facts and tidbits. I’m very excited to hear your thoughts on the next movie! Will you watch the Hobbit trilogy as well? (chronologically speaking, The Hobbit takes place before LOTR, if you didn’t know). Who is your favorite character so far?

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    1. Haha I can imagine…
      Yeah well I am halfway through the second movie now, and I can say this – the first one was definitely better. Idk I just feel like this movie is focusing more on creating and showing us (that too close up!) gruesome and disgusting creatures instead of the actual story, if you know what I mean.
      Hmm I think my fav character is Argathorn (I think i’m spelling it wrong😅) so far.
      Oh yes I know it’s the prequel, but on the internet it was recommended to watch the Hobbit after finishing this trilogy, so I went with that.
      Thank you for dropping by Jess!

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  3. 19 Is Boromir one of the bad guys? ‘Cause he is looking away and is sweating when the sorceress lady is reading his mind.
    20 Oh I was wrong, that was because of something else.

    …made me howl out loud laughing, and I apologise for the incontrovertible fact that my mind is a sewer. Let’s face it tho, Galadriel is hot 😉 I look forward to your reactions to the other films!

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  4. This is such a good post. I couldn’t help but laugh while reading this. So true about comparing every villain with Voldemort. Harry Potter is just so embedded in every reader’s mind that it has created its own standard that I wish SFF books (other than the Harry Potter series) could reach. I have only read the first book of LOTR (Wow! I can’t even remember the name) years ago and only remember there’re elves and rings and a hobbit. But this post sounds so good. I’ll definitely try reading it again and hopefully won’t discontinue it (again).

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