2021 Wrap Up: Stats, Charts and Reflections + 2022 Goals

It’s new year’s eve you guys! Wow it feels surreal saying that.

It’s scary how “next year” has become “tomorrow”. You know the feeling where you can actually feel time rushing past you? Pretty much like a passing metro right in front of you. And the kind that is accompanied by a blast of air that leaves you sputtering and trying to keep your hair out of your mouth. Ok i spoiled the metaphor didn’t I?

Anyway. Being the opportunist I am, let me grab this opportunity by the toes and reflect on my reading and blogging this year. So keep aside that biology assignment (which the school felt essential to give RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER BREAK, why?) and settle down to read this chaotic post. Also, this is my first time wrapping up the entire year, so while i’m obviously very excited, this post is longer than I expected it to be. Like much longer. But hopefully you’ll not doze off in the middle (remember that bio assignment? yeah we cannot have you sleeping while precious time runs out) since I’ve tried my best to keep things interesting with lots of cute ‘lil graphics and with all that said and done let’s start right away!

Reading Stats

Books Read: 71 || Pages Read: 26662 || Average book length: 375 pages

Best Book(s) Of The Year: Six Of Crows duology
Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)
Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows, #2)
Worst Book Of The Year: The Young Elites
The Young Elites (The Young Elites, #1)
Most Read Author(s) Of The Year: Leigh Bardugo and TJ Klune
Leigh Bardugo
T.J. Klune
Book Genres

Not surprisingly, fantasy has dominated my reading (imagine little knights and fairies and goblins from the fantasy kingdom charging forward with swords and chasing away the other genres)

I’m honestly disappointed that I hardly read any historical fiction this year. It is one of my favourite genres, but I guess I didn’t find many historical books that sounded particularly intriguing to me, so please, hit me with recs in the comments!

What’s new is that started reading YA contemporaries! I mean, this happened pretty late into the year, like my first one was Perfect On Paper in the month of October. One small step for most of the bookish community, a giant leap for Rachel. (who, btw formerly couldn’t understand why on earth people would choose high school drama over dragons and magic. but she has evolved. congratulations and happy realization to her. and now third person is getting weird so she is going to stop)

Book Formats

This too is hardly surprising. Since my neighbourhood library shut down and then moved to a new location (thank you Covid), I’ve been reading mostly on my Kindle (which has proved such a boon in these trying times). Not that I don’t have a lot of unread physical books sitting on my shelves; it’s just that I haven’t been prioritizing them over others. Guess I need to do that in 2022.

But I started reading audiobooks for a change! Its basically reading without having to use your hands and eyes and that honestly makes it so much easier for someone having a chaotic life (like me, obviously). I also live under the illusion that listening to murder mysteries and horror books makes them less scary than reading them on page, but i’m pretty sure that’s delusional so let’s not go there i’ve embarassed myself enough.

Series / Standalones / ARCs

Till last year, I was a huge series person but now I’m just intimidated by them so I stick to standalones and duologies. And even those 29 books that are mentioned as part of series in the graph are mostly the first books of a trilogy or something, and in most cases I never read the sequels. Like the Gilded Wolves trilogy for instance. I really enjoyed the first book, it was even on my top 10, but for some reason I keep putting off reading the sequel? Idk I feel like I’ve lost commitment to anything more than a duology.


I mean, since 2021 was the first year I actually became part of the bookish community, I discovered loads and loads of new fantastic authors and books I’d never heard about earlier. Yay to that.

Blog Stats

Posts Published: 85 || Views: 7678 || Visitors: 3291 || Likes Received: 2575 || Comments Received: 1079

Post Categories

So here I’ve analysed the different categories of posts I published in 2021, and i’ve mentioned my favourite posts from each category as well as a few lines reacting to the number of posts in each category I wrote this year. (wow that did not make sense at all)

Book / ARC Reviews

Quite understandably, book reviews make up a significant population of posts on my blog. I feel like I’ve really REALLY improved in writing book reviews (i’m not bragging, you just haven’t seen my very early reviews lol) over time.
I and my friend April also started the hype-o-meter series, which is basically reviewing popular books in a way that deems them worthy (or not) of the hype they get.

My favourite book review posts: The Ones We’re Meant To Find by Joan He || We Are Not Free by Traci Chee || We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal

Discussion Posts

I have a confession to make. Idontlikewritingdiscussionsanymorehelp *ahem* What I meant was that for some reason I don’t enjoy writing discussion posts these days (yes i know that’s unforgivable, it’s the worst form of betrayal to the book blogging community, it’s treason it’s-) and when I do, they don’t really turn out that great so yeah that’s why there weren’t many discussion posts this year.

My favourite discussion post: Appreciation For Book Bloggers

Lists / Recommendations

These consist of themed book recs, and lists of certain types of books or characters. I like how short and to the point these kinds of posts usually are (please ignore the fact that i gush about nearly the same books in every recommendation post). I’d definitely like to increase the number of this category of posts next year.

My favourite list/recommendation posts: My Top 10 Reads Of 2021! || 8 Diverse Books I Loved, And 8 That Are On My TBR! || My Worst Reads Of 2021!

Random (aka weird) bookish stuff

Aha! Undoubtedly my favourite type of posts to write. I mean, yeah you have to sacrifice a few brain cells, but no big deal. These posts that honestly come out of nowhere can be found aplenty on my blog, especially in these last few months of 2021. We have every level of weirdness here. Comparing books to road trips when they have nothing in common (or do they?)? Check. Trying to relate quotes from books to real life? Check. Choosing books to throw at someone’s face? Also check.

My favourite “random bookish stuff” posts: Books As Road Trips || Books I’d Use As Weapons // aka books i’d throw at jesper if i was david

Look out for more of these posts in 2022!!

TBRs & Wrap-Ups

While I stopped making monthly tbrs a while back, I still love writing monthly wrap-ups! It is a fact well known that the wrap-ups on this blog always start with weird bird facts (also that is getting just a tiny bit old, so wait and watch in 2022 *wink wink*) so that’s a special feature.

My favourite wrap-up post: September Wrap-Up // ft. more diverse reads and lots of blog hopping!

Tags & Awards

While I was absolutely going crazy with tags and awards last year, this year i hardly did any of them. And the ones I did do were the generic ones like the mid year freakout, the end of the year etc etc. Sure, tags are great for a rainy day when I do not have a single post idea in mind, but I tend to not use them much for regular days when I already have posts planned. But. I do have a few very fun tags sitting in my drafts at the moment, so look out for those in the coming weeks!

My favourite “tags / awards” post: The Christmas Song Book Tag || The End Of The Year Book Tag

Read more historical fiction. As I mentioned earlier, though I thoroughly enjoy historical fiction, for some reason I haven’t been reading much of it. So prioritizing historical fics on my tbr is something I hope to do tomorrow next year.

Shorten that physical tbr. Those unread books will collect dust on my shelves no longer. (Let’s ignore the fact that I lost all control and ordered a lot of books recently for some reason so more pretty copies are on their way to me while I procrastinate reading the ones I already have.)

Catch up on arcs and arc reviews. Apparently I have no self control and went on a requesting spree on Edelweiss. Plus when authors contacted me to review their books, guess what I did? I said yes, of course. So I’m slowly wading through the pile of arcs and an even bigger pile of pending reviews.

Follow up on series. At least, the ones whose first books I enjoyed. Because I’m internally dying to know what happens.

Work on my WIP. I realize I never announced over here that I. AM. WRITING. A. BOOK! I mean, it’s less a book than a jumble of words right now, but that’s exactly why I want to give it some more time and effort. And also don’t get too excited because there’s basically no plot yet. We’re thriving on vibes.

Who was your most read author this year? Any historical fiction recs for me? What are some of your goals for 2022?(which, let me very unhelpfully remind you, is not more than a few hours away) Chat with me in the comments, goodbye and happy new year everyone!

~ Rachel


34 thoughts on “2021 Wrap Up: Stats, Charts and Reflections + 2022 Goals

  1. Good luck on your wip, haha mine too is just vibes with a very vague plot at the moment which I am struggling to put into words. I loved reading this post, Rachel!! Discussion posts are still my favourite type of posts haha, while tags sometimes feel like a chore.
    Hope you have a great new year ahead ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aah okay so first of all, how do you make your graphs? Just wondering since I’ve seen a bunch of graphs around and wanna do it in 2022–and I’m probably gonna stick to using a google form for this, but I want to see what other people are doing, just in case!
    Also, there’s totally no problem with not wanting or enjoying writing discussion posts! They’re a lot more work than most other things to write, because they require actual unique THOUGHTS instead of just being able to talk about books or put lists together or whatever. Everyone’s blog is unique and if you don’t have discussion posts on yours, that is 100% okay!
    Haha I love how as soon as we actually get books to own, we immediately put off reading them, because this is absolutely something that happens with me, as well, and I think a lot of people.
    Happy New Year and I hope you have an awesome 2022!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I use Visme for the graphs, it’s cool you should definitely give it a try too! Ah yes the Google form is a great idea; I took an embarrassingly long time to assemble my stats from Goodreads haha 😅
      Exactly, with discussions i feel like I’ve to give strong opinions on things, when I may not even have opinions on that, you know? Thank you so much for saying that, it makes me feel less bad about myself haha.
      Yup I anticipate buying physical books but once I’ve put it on my shelf I go back to reading ebooks lol.
      Tysm for the comment, and happy new year phoenix! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oooh good to know I’ve never actually heard of Visme but I may have to check it out!
        Yeah, exactly! I do enjoy writing discussion posts but only when it’s on something I actually want to write about; I never force myself to write one, and only really write one when I have a cool idea for what to write about. So definitely don’t feel pressured to write them!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this so much! First off those graphs? Stunning! How did you make them, they’re so cool! Also, I totally get not liking writing discussion posts anymore, I find them a lot harder to write than other posts. For some reason I didn’t do that many tags this year either lol! I was living off of them last year and I’ve barely done any this year 😅 Good luck on your wip, mine is also currently just vibes and literally no plot! I hope you have an amazing 2022 Rachel!! 💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i used visme for the graphs! thank you, glad you liked them :))
      same! obviously while I like doing tags, i can’t exactly call those posts “creative” because i didn’t create those so yeah. haha good luck to you too!
      here’s to an awesome 2022 ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah I really wanted to try to read more audio books last year ( it’s so weird that it’s 2022 already?!? Hahaha ) I’m glad you got the chance to!
    And ooh I hope you get to read more historical fiction this year, I’m sure you’ll enjoy :))
    Great post💖

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy new year, Rachel! And gosh, all these stats and graphs 🥰 My nerdy heart finds them so satisfying to look at!! 🤩 Though now that you mention it, I think I’ve been pretty terrible at reading historical fiction this year, too… I really need to figure out how to get Storygraph working so that I can analyze my own stats better 😂
    Anyway, good luck on your WIP, and here’s to a great 2022!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. numbers never fail to make me happy too :))
      ah yes I’ve been hearing glowing praises about storygraph lately, i might give it a try too!
      tysm Naemi, wishing you an amazing 2022!!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Happy new year rachel (i apologize for the delay)!! And, okay, THIS WRAP UP IS PERFECTION, HOW??? DID??? YOU??? DO??? IT??
    But then again, why am I surprised??
    And those graphs ahhh, i love this so much rachel 😍😍
    I also realize i need to remake mine now haha. so rude of you, putting everything of mine to shame like that. And agh, i am totally with you on all those pending arc reviews. and complete lack of self control?? I RELATE TOO MUCH, IT IS PAINFUL. but most of mine expired, so i am confused whether to be glad that i don’t have to worry about it anymore, or cry over how i never got to them. and i am sorry about your library, that’s sad.
    i need to read more his fic too?? but i don’t really see that happening very soon haha. hope you’re able to find some amazing ones! (also can i pls just say that your random bookish posts are the best and i love them too much)
    Wishing you an amazing 2022!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. your comment went to spam haha, sorry for the late reply!
      ohno you definitely should be surprised because i revel in the fact that i actually wrote a sort-of organized post for once, with headings and stats and all!!
      hey i just read YOUR wrap-up and it was simply fabulous so i’ll pretend i have no idea what you’re talking about.
      yes yes welcome to the no self control gang where we get overly excited, and then overly loaded and then overly sad – the cycle continues. also, YOU LET YOUR ARCS EXPIRE *gasp* pretty sure that’s a crime in the bookish community, but as your gang member, i’ll let it pass.
      haha don’t encourage my random bookish posts, they have a tendency to get even crazier if they come to know that people like them 😂
      same to you anoushka!


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