Recommending Books Based On Disney Movies // ft. book quotes and movie dialogues because why not

I watched Encanto the other day and I think it’s fair to say that I was, once again, blown away.

Every time, every single time I watch (or re-watch because I’m obsessed) a Disney movie, I think “This is it. This movie is going to be the first disney movie I didn’t like and that would mean I’ve finally grown out of these cheesy stories”, but needless to say that has never happened and I don’t see it happening any time soon. Disney 8093, Rachel 0. (to be fair it’s a very strong competitor and my heart betrays me every time.)

Conclusion is that I LOVE disney movies (especially the animated “family” ones that my mother says I’m too old to be watching) and will probably continue to do so for an eternity. Today I recommend you books similar to certain movies (or the other way round, since most of you have probably read more books on this list than you’ve seen the movies).

So here’s how the formatting is gonna be – one liner premises each for the move and the book, and thirdly why I paired them, with the main reasons in bold. And some book quotes and movie dialogues flying about here and there of course ;))

Big Hero 6 – We Are Not Free

Photos:: Scenes from 'Big Hero 6' - Los Angeles Times

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?

Baymax, Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 tells the story of Hiro Hamada (a teen robotics prodigy) and Baymax (the cuddly white inflated lump in the picture, Hiro’s late brother’s healthcare provider robot) who team up to fight the masked villain who killed Tadashi (Hiro’s brother).

“We’re standing on a street corner with everything we’ve ever known about to come crashing down around us.
And we’re angry.
And we’re smiling.
And we aren’t broken.”

We Are Not Free

We Are Not Free is a historical fiction told from the points of views of 14 Japanese-American teenagers just after the bombing of the Pearl Harbour, when anti-Japanese sentiments in the USA are at an all time high.


Apart from the fact that both of these made me ugly cry like never before, a common theme was teens handling grief. Both start with a happy enough scene (such that it makes one almost suspicious, is this the calm before the storm), and then immediately there’s this horrifying event that changes the main character’s life drastically, as they lose what they’d always known and loved. Then the rest of the story shows the characters learning to live with their loss and moving on. Grab some tissues.

Coco – Cemetery Boys

How Pixar Made Sure 'Coco' Was Culturally Conscious - The New York Times

“If there’s no one left in the living world to remember you, you disappear from this world.”

Hector, Coco

Coco follows Miguel (an aspiring musician, but only in secret), who accidentally gets transported to The Land of the Dead (on the famous Mexican holiday “The Day of the Dead”) where he seeks the help of his deceased great-great-grandfather to return him to his family among the living and to reverse his family’s ban on music.

“I implore you to be more open minded, hermano. If we close ourselves off to the possibilities that lie outside of what tradition has dictated, we are destined for extinction.”

Cemetery Boys
Cemetery Boys

Cemetery Boys is about Yadriel, who while trying to prove himself to his family, ends up accidentally summoning the ghost of Julian Diaz. What follows is their adventures and misadventures as they try to solve the mystery of Julian’s death, and Yadriel’s seemingly never ending struggle with his conservative family.


These two give me such similar vibes, I’ve always recommended Coco to fans of Cemetery Boys and vice versa. Both are centred around tight-knit Latinx communities and have a brilliant representation of ancient Mexican culture (especially the whole Day Of The Dead concept that I’ll never get bored of, any recs??) but that is not where the similarities end. Both stories are also about the main characters finding their true selves, even when this requires them to go against the wishes of their conservative families.

Zootopia – The Grishaverse

Did a Disney animated film really say that? If it's 'Zootopia,' prepare to  be shocked - Los Angeles Times

Judy: Nicholas Wilde, You are under arrest.
Nick: For what? Hurting your feelings?
Judy: Felony Tax Evasion.

Zootopia follows Judy Hopps, a police officer with big dreams (and she’s a bunny in case you haven’t noticed) and Nick Wilde, a con-fox who lives off trickery. They are reluctant partners in solving a grave case that has the whole of Zootopia shaken.

“Sometimes, the only way to get justice is to take it for yourself.”

Crooked Kingdom

The Six Of Crows duology follows six dangerous outcasts on a dangerous mission with high stakes… and a even higher reward.
The King Of Scars duology, which is also set in the Grishaverse, is about a young king trying to bring together a broken nation, while also battling monsters of his own. Literally.


Did I just pair one of my favourite Disney movies ever to my favourite books ever? Why, yes I did.

Nick to me seems like a blend of Kaz and Nikolai, which are two of the best characters in existence, and this makes Nick one of the best characters in existence too (wow. incredible logic rachel). I mean, look at that scene I’ve put a picture of and tell me that’s not Nikolai’s smug grin pasted on Nick’s face. Then look at that quote beside the picture and tell me it’s not something Kaz would say. See what I mean?

Plus, Judy gives me Inej + Matthias vibes, she’s a rabbit with honour and this want to do good for the people, even though she knows she’s not going to get anything back. Do you need any more reasons to just go read those four books and watch that movie? (lemme know if you do, I’ll be happy to provide a list) Missing the deadline of that 12 page geography project will be totally worth it, i promise.

Monsters University – Not My Problem

Stop being a Sullivan and start being YOU.

Mike, Monsters University
Monsters University (2013) - IMDb

Monsters University follows Mike Wazowski (an ambitious, hardworking and studious first-year at the university) and James Sullivan (the “rich dad’s kid” who relies on his family name to make it through college), who hate each other but are thrust together by circumstances.

Not My Problem

“I dug deep down into my empathy store and found a dried-up old raisin.”

Aideen, Not My Problem

Not My Problem is a coming-of-age contemporary about Aideen (who is funny and witty and has a million excuses for not doing PE and homework) and Meabh (the one everyone expects a lot from, also the principal’s daughter), and when Aideen solves Meabh’s tight-schedule problem by pushing her down the stairs, an friendship begins to blossom.


There’s this common academic background in Not My Problem and Monster’s University – the former is set in high school and the latter in college. Both have a dash of rivals to best friends and show that friendships can be found in the unlikeliest of places (at some point, the mcs in both the movie and the book were told that the other mc is “out of their league”), The main characters couldn’t be more different than each other, yet as they get to know the other better, they discover edges of their personalities they’d never imagined. Sullivan from the movie and Meabh from the book were both pressured to live up to their family name, so that’s another similarity.

As we conclude, I’d like to remind you that regardless of whether you are obsessed with enjoy Disney movies or not (the latter is a crime I tell you, a CRIME), all of these books belong to my favourites of 2021 so you have to give them a read (i’ll haunt your dreams if you don’t) and later scream about them to me too! (also i do have some more recs in mind, so let me know if you’d like a part 2 of this post!)

Do you watch animated movies? Which is your favourite one? Any Zootopia fans here?? Do you vote for a part 2 of this post? Let me know in the comments!

~ Rachel


58 thoughts on “Recommending Books Based On Disney Movies // ft. book quotes and movie dialogues because why not

  1. Okay, I have just read SoC out of these books, but I have watched all of these movies (Encanto is on my to be watched), and I absolutely love all of them too! They are just cute and funny and heartwarming!
    This is a great post idea, Rachel, well done!

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  2. What does it say about my identity as a book blogger that I’ve seen all of these movies countless times but read only the Grishaverse books? 😂 Clearly, I’m way too Disney-obsessed… And I loved Encanto – especially the music! Lin-Manuel Miranda is a god 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the only solution i see to that is that you go read the rest of the books immediately to restore your identity haha. (or simply make your new identity as disney enthusiast/book blogger, but then how else would i convince you to read my recs😂)
      Yess I loved the songs too, especially the Bruno one and the one with Talia!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha, you’re probably onto something here – that sounds like a reasonable tactic 🤣
        And I think my favorite Encanto song goes to the Luisa one! It was just so relatable, and I loved the creative melody 🥰

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    1. right?! disney won our favour by creating morally grey characters in zootopia.
      ah yeah i had to do a lot of brain racking or that haha, thank you so much emily!!


  3. I can’t wait to watch Encanto! almost everyone’s super impressed by it!!! These recommendations SO matched with the movies, especially Zootopia one. I mean, why didn’t I notice this until now?! Nick IS a blend of Kaz and Nikolai😂💯 Great post Rachel, I’d LOVE a part 2 of this!❤

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    1. yepp its pretty different, especially since the mc is not the classic tall blonde – the diversity throughout the movie is awesome!
      see, i do have this gift of pointing out the obvious haha, and Nick is well… nick. So.
      ahh thank you so much diya! 💙


    1. omg i can’t believe all it took was this post for me to find so many disney fans here?!
      haha right, i can’t believe i didn’t think of the similarity earlier, when i read the grishaverse books (i watched the movie way before i read the books), but there’s just something about that smug grin that reminded me so much of nikolai.
      thank you so much kaya 💙

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  4. Thanks for the recommendations! Cool concept.

    Encanto is just wonderful✨I re-watched Zootopia so many times as a kid😳. Big hero 6 is a mixture of science and imagination, that’s what makes it a perfect movie. Coco is awesome 👏 👏

    Do you think we are ever going to outgrow this Disney movies?😂😂

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    1. Uh no we shall be obsessed with Disney movies till the time we have to literally hobble up to the couch to watch tv because our old joints won’t support us anymore 😂
      thank you dhriti!

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  5. YESSS i loved encanto and i have an unhealthy disney obsession. *hides bc i’ve watched alll the movies here*

    omg, yes – the banter in SoC totally parallels zootopia! and i love big hero 6 ♥♥ encanto was so diverse and we finally got a disney mc with glasses – big leap from the only-white-blonde mcs haha. great post & i would love a part ii!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. adskjfhgh another disney fan *hi five*! maya no we dont have to hide anymore because this blog will soon be renamed DISNEY FOR THE WIN 😂
      am i right or am i right? 😂 seriously tho, nick and judy were so much like kaz and inej i can’t even—
      yes, that’s a big part of what i loved in encanto! other than the songs of course.
      tysm maya, you’re the best!!

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  6. Ahh I remember watching Big hero 6 when I was younger and having a mini breakdown because it was the first Disney movie I watched in which someone died. 😂😂 but We are not free sounds great, I have to check it out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah yes I can relate, i was used to disney making me laugh and not cry so there was that. oh it is, and this time you’ll be having a much bigger breakdown lol. sorry not sorry ✌️

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  7. Wow! I’m officially blown away by the idea of the post. Disney + Books? Match made in heaven.
    I’ve been delaying Encanto for so long. It sounds really exciting from the trailer.
    This is such a great post!!!! ✨

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  8. Ooh this is such a creative idea, and all the books match so perfectly with the movies! I actually haven’t been enjoying recent Disney films other than coco, or raya (*hides behind a corner* unpopular opinion I guess) but I feel like encanto is just what I need, I need to watch that film as soon as possible (everything about it looks so awesome you’re so right to be obsessed with it lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Jan!
      ahh no both of those were amazing movies, there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s probably only a phase haha. yess encanto was oh so good, and I’d recommend watching, even if only for the songs lol.

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  9. Zootopia fan here! I loved this one so, SO much. This is such a good post and your recommendations are so lovely. Baymax is my favorite and I loved Traci Chee’s fantasy series The Reader, so maybe I should read We Are Not Free next… with a LOT of tissues ready haha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yayy *hi five*
      right? baymax is adorable and I really loved how he helps Hiro get over his grief.
      ahh I’d read only the first book in the Reader trilogy (i should probably get to the rest of the series this year), regardless We are not free is a masterpiece.and definitely my fav Traci Chee book!!
      thank you Marie ❤️

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  10. IT’S SOMEHOW BEEN SO LONG SINCE I LAST WATCHED A DISNEY MOVIE??? but i remember being absolutely OBSESSED with zootopia when it came out and for a couple of years afterward. me and my sister role played it too and we had this carrot pen and also copied down the entire emmit otterton file from the movie down on paper and recreated judy’s room so i think that perfectly describes the level of obsession (don’t judge, i was smol that time okay). SO GLAD TO MEET A FELLOW FAN!!!! AND AHH YES, THE NICK AND NIKOLAI + KAZ COMPARISON, YESSSSS!!! and coco is one of my favorites too and even though i haven’t read cemetery boys, i think it fits it perfectly because the cover vibes + synopsis match so much!! I HAVEN’T WATCHED THE REST, BUT WILL SURELY GO DO THAT SOON (especially big hero 6 sounds SO AMAZING)
    do i even need to start over how every single one of your post ideas are genius, and i basically envy your creativeness at this point? DEFINITELY VOTE YES FOR PART 2!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NO WAY nobody can be allowed to have this much fun. i now want a sister and a carrot pen, in that order. please and thank you.
      i know right? one doesn’t even have to read cemetery boys (but YES YOU DO) to see the similarities with Coco.
      ahhh big hero 6 has this special place in my heart, go watch it and you can thank me later ;))
      of course making you envious is my ulterior motive for posting anything at all haha. thank you so much Anoushka you’re the best!!


  11. This was such a fun post! I absolutely loved it. I really love Disney movies too, though I’ve still got a ton left to watch, but yes… They just always make me so happy. I really enjoy watching them! I’ve not read all the books or even watched all the movies, but the way you paired the books and movies made so much sense. This was a great read and I would love a part ii of this!


  12. Omgg I love this post! Not my problem sounds so cool – especially as I loved Monster’s University 😆 I’d love to see another follow up posts with other movies!
    Also I just found your blog from Sophia’s recommendation post and I LOVE the creativity!

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  13. I have an unhealthy obsession with Disney so this post was literal perfection for me! Truly enjoyed it – especially since it’s such a new and cool concept. I’m new to your blog but just wanted to let you know that I think your blog is awesome! ❤

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  14. you should try Encanto camp at theatre arts, I did Hamilton and LOVED it..but I don’t know how young you have to be to get in. and now I’ve got my shot, AND we don’t talk about Bruno stuck in my head… loved this post ❤


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