Bookshelf Reveal || it’s my birthday!

Hey! Everybody is supposed to be excited okay? Why, because it’s Rachel’s birthday today!

My questionable rhyming skills aside, it really IS my birthday! I’ve officially blessed this earth with my gracious presence for 15 whole years today (ohno no need to thank me).

I have sort of mixed feelings about this whole ageing thing. In some ways, it feels like I’ve lived an entire lifetime, you know? i’ve certainly read enough books for a lifetime But also, as long as I’m far far away from that cursed number we do not speak of (it starts with 1 and ends with 8 and there’s nothing in between), I’m good, thank you.

Soo I gave a LOT of thought (no seriously, i was daydreaming about this during physics class) to what sort of a post I should put up on this wondrous occasion (did i mention it is my birthday today?) but things turned out to be a little last-minute (pfft with me they always are last minute) so I decided to keep it short and sweet so guess what we’re doing today β€” *drumroll* BOOKSHELF REVEAL!

Ok I realize my drama probably amounted to nothing because the post’s title gave it away, but play along, will you? After all, it’s my birthday today *wink wink*

Yeah so I got this bookshelf just last year on Christmas (best gift EVER, am i right?) since my old one was practically overflowing. I have also bought new books since then and I’m pretty proud of it so shower it with love okay? Ta-da!


I spent literal HOURS putting in the books (and I still pop my nose in now and then to get that book-y smell) so that they look just right. I didn’t really colour code the shelves like a lot of people do (mostly because I have zero aesthetic sense) but i did have a strategy of organisation. Sort of. I think?

Let’s talk about the left rack first. The topmost shelf on the left is for my classics like The Book Thief, Anne of Green Gables, Moby Dick etc. The shelf below that is mostly fantasy, with the Vega Jane quartet stacked on top of each other. My copy of Our Violent Ends, my pride my joy (and my tears), is front and centre obviously. To it’s right are other fantasy novels including A Dark and Hollow Star and King of Scars.

The two shelves below that (the 3rd and 4th shelves in the left rack) are mostly adult fiction with the only fantasy books (Aurora Burning, Blazewrath Games and Sweet & Bitter Magic) displayed proudly, cover and all. Notable adult fiction books from these shelves are those by Khaled Hosseini, Agatha Christie and Mitch Albom among others. (also this photo is a few days old so the 3rd shelf from the top now also houses Emma Lord’s Tweet Cute). The bottom two shelves are a random mix of middle grade and YA mystery thrillers.

Ok onto the rack in the right! I know its a bit of a mess but that’s because the entire rack is mostly filled with books from my childhood and comics and those are a nightmare to try and arrange neatly. There are two shelves dedicated to Enid Blyton (god her books had me in a chokehold) and one shelf each for my Tinkle comics and Geronimo Stilton. And there’s also those big picture books and all from when I had just started reading.

Soo that was all about the mighty bookshelf (she says, nice to meet you guys) aand we’re all done with this post as well because I don’t really know what else there is to be said. (except, it’s my birthday today did you know that?)

How do you organize your bookshelf? What do you use to decorate it? (I’m thinking some Funko Pops might add better aesthetic…) Do you still own books from your childhood? OH AND WHEN’S YOUR BIRTHDAY? Let’s chat in the comments!

~ Rachel

UPDATE: apparently i also decided to do a face reveal? anyway my profile picture for today is my real face ✌️


51 thoughts on “Bookshelf Reveal || it’s my birthday!

  1. Happy birthday Rachel!! I hope that you have had a wonderful day. And now we’re the same age; both 15!! My birthday is October 17th. And your bookshelves are so pretty!! I love how you are showing off Our Violent Ends; it’s such an incredible book. And, I spotted The Girls I’ve Been down at the bottom of the shelves; have you read it? It’s one of my favorites!!

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  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RACHEL, AND CONGRATS ON THE MOMENTOUS OCCASION OF BEING ONLY THREE YEARS REMOVED FROM TURNING 18!! πŸŽ‚πŸ₯³πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ (Yup, I had to mention the 18 thing 😜 Because if that’s so terrible, are you implying that I’m old for already having surpassed that age??? 😱)

    And I love your bookshelves! Your organization style makes a ton of sense to me (mine is similar 😁) and oh my gosh, DO I SPOT THE GUARDIANS OF GA’HOOLE IN YOUR CHILDHOOD FAVORITES SECTION?! 🀩🀩🀩 You have just become this book owl’s new favorite person!! Because OF COURSE I have also held on to precious books like that particular series! πŸ€—

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    1. GOSH NAEMI I TOLD YOU WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT CURSED NUMBER!! oh no no you’re one of the COOLEST people i know so we can definitely make an exception πŸ˜‰
      YES THE GAHOOLE BOOKS WERE SUCH GEMS,, i remember i first discovered them in the school library so i read the first few books there and bought tje rest of the series! AW OMG I’M HONOURED TO BE YOUR NEW FAVOURITE PERSON

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  3. Happy Birthday Rachel! Wow, I love your bookshelf- all my books are literally just stuffed into one shelf of my cupboard lol!
    Also, I am 17, and the prospect of turning 18 seems daunting- I am simply in denial- me? turning 18? nah, i am forever 17

    Happy birthday once again!

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    And oh my gosh YOUR BOOKSHELF!! It’s so so prettyyy and well organised, I am JEALOUS >:/ !! I just have stacks of overflowing books all over my room because I’m to lazy to organise πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    And the books look fantastic eeekkk!! Also I spy β€˜the girls I’ve been’ on your shelves and I must know IS IT WORTH READING?!? It seems intriguing so I’ve been meaning to pick it up !
    Wishing you a very happy birthday once again!!πŸ’–

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      well i dont know about organised but yay i love making you jealous lol.
      oh i haven’t actually read The girls i’ve been yet but i hope to soon!!
      thank you thank you

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  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Your bookshelf is so nice and so organized, I love it! (Sweating about turning eighteen one day is REAL. I used to do that too and now I feel so OLD…haha)

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  6. happy (a little belated) birthday!!!! hope you had an amazing day. also yesss enid bylton books were amazing and such a huge part of my childhood too, we had to compulsorily read books (any book) and I chose her books and they were the books that got me into reading. your bookshelf is so pretty, love the right side more

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    I love seeing people’s bookshelves so much ahHHH~~
    I should probably have dedicated two shelves instead of just one to enid blyton books too β€” there’s currently some very shameful double stacking going on. πŸ˜—
    also tinkle!!! i was honestly so sad they stopped printing physical copies in 2020- it’s just online now. 😭

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    1. THANK YOU!
      oh dont worry about it, double stacking was the only way i could get my books to fit in my old bookshelf.
      really?? i didnt know about that! online comics will never be as fun tho

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  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!! i hope you had lots of cake ❀

    first of all, DO I SPOT OUR VIOLENT ENDS ON YOUR SHELF?? that book KILLED me omgg- also i'm so delighted to find a fellow these violent delights fan fkjsdgfjskg pls we need to shriek about that book (AND THE ENDING OF OVE) sometime soon!
    also, your bookshelf is so pretty!! ✨❀️

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  9. Happy late birthday!! πŸ˜ƒ Your bookshelf looks amazing! Mine is kind of crazy at the moment. (My sis and I share a bookshelf and she keeps getting more books, and now they are piling up everywhere!!!)

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