Thoughts While Watching Heartstopper // my brain is a chaotic place

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With the graphic novels already having amassed a huge number of fans, the Heartstopper show on Netflix is THE craze at the moment. Maintaining my identity as a reader-before-watcher, I dutifully read the comics just after the teaser was released. And now I’m reprimanding myself for not reading them sooner because the cuteness overload!! Dessert in book form tbh.

Not that the show was any less adorable, no sir. I shall forever be in debt to the person who made all the casting choices because each actor seemed born to play their role (i was reduced to a puddle in the ground whenever Joe Locke smiled, it’s just- it’s a Charlie smile all right).

Soo let’s move on to my more detailed thoughts while watching the show, documented live in my notes app. *bows with flourish*

  1. the casting is so perfect oh my lord
  2. i have a colourful variety of names i’d like to call ben
  3. not me drawing scene parallels from the comics
  4. dude no why would you go to the library
  5. charlie ignoring the autofill and typing the same thing anyway is just so charlie
  6. “older sister magic”
  7. aww “charlie situation”
  8. would wishing that I had a friend circle like this be a step too far from my current non existent one?
  9. Charlie’s room is GOALS
  10. the almost hand holding thing gets me every time
  11. oh my lord its the first kiss *dies*
  12. oh my lord it’s the second kiss *resurrects*
  13. sooo we’re back to the super cute hi *raises eyebrows suggestively*
  14. like she said, “gay people can be good at sports”
  15. ok wow this game is intense
  16. NOBODY gets to hurt charlie that’s the rule
  17. oh nick you can never just say no can you?
  18. ok but the question is why didnt i know about tao’s exquisite dancing skills??
  19. i know most people hate imogen for some reason but i mostly just feel sorry for her
  20. ha exactly what I’ve been saying. thank you, charlie’s mom.
  21. oof yeah that pinballing night, i remember
  22. tao nick face off!!
  23. aaand he’s told tara and darcy!!
  24. idk why but tara and darcy are like 100 times cooler to me onscreen than in the comics, and they were already pretty cool in the comics soo
  25. i’m pretty sure sipping has become a personality trait for tori at this point
  26. ohmygod nick charlie tara darcy texting parallels!!
  27. the way tao and elle suddenly became so much more interested in their milkshakes—
  28. tori’s deadpan “called it”…she’s my idol
  29. punching harry in the face must be so satisfying
  30. omg tao’s a leftie like me! so true of us
  31. aw did tao literally have to cry and break my heart like that
  32. charlie and tao making up might just be the best thing that has happened to me today
  33. oh don’t mind the noise its just me yelling BEACH BEACH BEACH
  34. i wish i could yell truths at the universe like nick
  35. nick’s coming out scene shall forever be embedded in my heart (the part that is not already occupied by all the heartstopper adorableness)

With that we’re done and waiting on Season 2! With Netflix’s previous record, I’ll be surprised if all the seasons get released in my lifetime so there’s that,,, but no harm staying optimistic, is there?

Have you seen the Heartstopper show yet? Have you read the graphic novels?? Which are your favourite scenes??



19 thoughts on “Thoughts While Watching Heartstopper // my brain is a chaotic place

  1. Hahahahahaha I wrote a fan girl post too on the graphic novels and the Netflix adaptation and I literally am obsessed .. I love the universe so much! I read Loveless and Solitaire by Alice too and she is my most fav happy and relevant YA author at the moment 😁 loved reading your post! Felt like I was watching the show with you and you were commenting all that hahahha

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    1. ahh i’ll have to check out said post!! i’m still behind on oseman novels though, but i plan on devouring all of them soon!
      thank you ;)) live commentary>>>

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  2. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! 🤩🥰🤩🥰 I LOVE THIS POST, OBVIOUSLY!!! 🤗 But since I was way too overwhelmed by Heartstopper love to actually write a coherent post of my own about it, I am obviously unable to write a coherent comment, either 😁 Let’s just say I agree with absolutely all of your thoughts, expect for the fact that I am as unlefthanded as it possibly gets! 🤣 (Seriously. Do not give me something to do with my left hand. It will end badly.)

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    1. YAY THANK YOU NAEMI :)) ha no being coherent never got anyone anywhere after all lol
      aw while i’m disappointed that you cant be part of our leftie cult, same here!! i cant for the life of me write or eat with my right hand soo.

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  3. I love this so much, your reactions are on. point 😂 I loved Tori in the adaptation so much as well, cherished every scene with her, truly. and yes, the cast choice was perfect, I loved them all so very very much. I can’t wait to re-watch it and to get more seasons, hopefully!!

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    1. thank you marie!! ikr she’s such a wonderful character, well fleshed out even with few dialogues— thats the magic of heartstopper! yess we’re all waiting on S2 together✌️

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    i agree with all of your thoughts omg and I just LOVE the aesthetic of the show, there were so many picturesque shots, it stayed so true to the book!
    also yes omg I think Tara and Darcy are cooler in the show too- I think it’s because they got so so many more scenes! I cannot wait for the next season of this show eeeekk💖💖💖

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      yep instead of ruining the book as some adaptations do, it enhanced the story so beautifully omg!!
      ah yeah fair point they were already cool but we got to see more of their coolness in the show!!
      manifesting all future seasons of the show 🕯️

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  5. so this might result in me being shunned by the entire bookish community, BUT I KIND OF LIKE THE SHOW MUCH MUCH MORE THAN THE NOVELS AT THIS POINT. perhaps because the extra scenes just added to the heartstopper magic. and i am obviously obsessed with this post, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF ALL THE APPRECIATION OF TAO’S EXQUISITE DANCING SKILLS. also YES to tara and darcy being even more AMAZING in the show, AND THE CAST IS PERFECTION.


    1. SAME ACTUALLY (but SHHH we cant yell truths at the universe like nick nelson of we dont want to be ousted from the bookish community)
      i know! and also those little dances whenever he met elle and they hugged!! YES tara darcy supremacy!

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  6. I’m yet to chew through the novels, but the series definitely got me excited about doing that ASAP. It’s great to have a wholesome love story that just hits all the spots while being thoroughly relatable. I so can’t wait for season 2. Netflix did good this time around.


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