2nd Blogiversary: Shout Outs, Favourite Posts // brace yourselves for the theatrics

Having been blogging since exactly 2 years now, I almost feel ancient.

But then I remember I still can’t design aesthetics which will actually be acceptable to the human eye. Or write deeply informative and helpful posts. (borderline weird seems to be my trademark) Or stick to a posting schedule instead of popping up like a jack-in-the-box every now and then. And then I feel like a newbie again.

The effect cancels out, people. In the end I am just me.

Ooookay. I totally do not know where I was going with that. Oh and all those failures listed up there? Not me. Someone hacked into my account and wrote all that. (brutally honest, you have to give it to them) We do not believe that right? Rachel is a flawless, all-knowing, genius angel.

Alexa, play Dazed & Confused.

So. Before we got all carried away (*glares at the hacker*) what were we on about? Angelic properties in certain human beings? Oh no, that’s for another day. I think.

*someone from the audience raises their hand* Ohh that’s right, my lil blog over here turns 2 today! Can we have a round of applause please?

*exactly 1 person claps their hand. including me.* Wow aren’t we all very enthusiastic today?

(see a few months of drama club at school was certainly not wasted on me)

Theatrics aside, I am pretty excited on the occasion! Sure, there’s been ups and downs but you know what my favourite part about this has been? YOU. (ok that came out a little creepy i guess) The people. The cozy little community we have built here. And other synonyms.

Seriously, though I have always been shouting anything vaguely bookish at the void, this blog was the first place where the void answered back. To be honest, I would have given up blogging a long time ago if it hadn’t been for the friends I made here, the genuine connections forged through screens, that kept me going. Every interaction with you guys, in or out of the blogosphere, makes my day. Since you all have given me so much, I figured a vote of thanks was due. So… shout outs to some of the special people I’ve met on here who keep me smiling everyday! (i have not used their blog names on purpose because I think of them as actual people by now and not just screens)


April thank you for being my bestie and partner in crime in a lot of bookish adventures! They say internet friends don’t last for more than a couple of months but we’re still going strong after more than a year! I feel like I can talk to you about anything (and i do lol) and I absolutely love our weird conversations and of course our buddy reads are awesome!!
Anoushka thank you for being my first ever writing buddy, i’m constantly in awe of your talent. I love your posts (you should post more often just saying) and you are a fabulous person to talk to.
Naemi you have such a sweet and genuine personality omg! Your comments are always so encouraging, I love every interaction I have with you. And your posts ooze creativity!!
Kaya I’m in awe of your consistent posting schedule and such great content every time too! I enjoy chatting with you, you’re always fun to talk to!
Suhani we’ve become friends only recently but I feel like I know you since much longer! I love how casual and familiar we have become!!
Ahaana and Cherelle thank you for being among my first followers and helping newbie-Rachel out in everything!! (I know you’re both inactive on your blogs right now, I’m waiting for you to make a re-appearance haha!)
Aarushi we haven’t talked for a while (and you haven’t been active on the blogosphere too!) but you were always the first one to hype up my writing on twitter so thank you!
Maddie thank you for including me into your march madness idea, it was tons of fun!
Prutha and Janhavi we don’t talk much on a regular basis but I really enjoyed our respective buddy reads! Here’s to more in the future :))
Phoenix hii I haven’t seen you in a while but I used to enjoy chatting with you in the comments!
Ash and Booksy we’ve become acquainted only recently but I’d love to talk to you more and make you book besties too! and i LOVE both your blogs so much like-
Cherry, Jan and Ritz I enjoy all you guys’ content, looking forward to chatting with you in the comments again like we used to earlier!

Favourite Posts

Regardless of what an extremely incompetent hacker said in the beginning of the post, I have grown as a blogger during this past year, just as much as I did in my first year of blogging. Soo a section where I can brag about a few of my posts that I’m proud of and are extremely close to my heart! Feel free to check out any which catch your eye!!

We Hunt The Flame Quotes As Real Life Moments in which I draw comparisons between quotes from one of my favourite fantasy duologies and my own life! Ok yeah it’s a stretch but whatever.

Recommending Books Based On Disney Movies Part 2 which is a 2-part series where we scream about DISNEY MOVIES and BOOKS which is a perfect combination really.

Books I’d Use As Weapons in which I select books I’d throw at Jesper if I were David. I can’t promise it will make more sense in the post either.

The Year 2021 Divided Into My Bookish Phases in which there’s lots of love to mood reading.

2021 Wrap Up: Stats, Charts and Reflections + 2022 Goals in which there are NUMBERS and CHARTS and GOALS we will never follow through.

Fictional Characters I’d Take Along For A Heist in which we have gone all bad and assemble our very own heist crew comprised of fictional characters fitting several archetypes!

Thoughts While Watching Heartstopper in which we enter the chaotic place that is my brain and fangirl over heartstopper.

Do you think internet friends can be just as close (if not closer) than irl ones? Which are YOUR favourite posts of mine (if you can remember any?) Here’s to many more years of blogging!!

~ Rachel


50 thoughts on “2nd Blogiversary: Shout Outs, Favourite Posts // brace yourselves for the theatrics

    1. TWO YEARS WOW that’s quite a feat!! congratulations Rachel!! 🎉🎉
      i absolutely adore your posts (even if i don’t comment until 84736 months later 🙈) especially the wild, weird ones like the heist post!!
      I’m incredibly happy that you’re a part of this bloggy community & thanks for giving me 84736 book recs to add to my tbr, it’s definitely going to crush me one day 😂❤️

      (and thank you for the shoutout djdjdjdkdkfjfj
      I’m definitely looking forward to our Red Palace BR!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thank you ash!!
        haha samee those kind of posts seem to come naturally to me.
        well who ISN’T drowning in a pile of unread book right??
        same here, i’m pretty excited!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. OMG CONGRATS ON 2 YEARS!! 💗💗 i simultaneously can’t believe that you’ve been posting for 2 years now and that it’s been only 2 years because it feels way longer lmao. the whole intro was HILARIOUS, this is exactly why your posts make my mood brighter everytime!! and don’t you dare believe that hacker because they have no idea what they’re talking about! rachel is an amazing human being (or angel if you prefer) whose posts are original and pure delight 🥰
    the books as weapons and heist posts were absolutely ICONIC, and i reallllly enjoyed your soc quotes as irl moments because it was so relatable !! and also your recent posts of ranking books which you read in 2022- that was so enjoying to read even though i haven’t read a single of those books *facepalm*
    again, happy blogiversary and here’s to MANY MANY more <33 i hope we can talk more and do more buddy reads, ily 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU ahh! same,, time works in weird ways sigh.
      ikr hackers are evil by nature, we cannot trust them AND THANK YOU FOR THE COMPLIMENTS, that will show the hacker hmph.
      ha those are my personal favorites as well tbh!!
      thank you thank you ilysm :))


  2. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY, RACHEL!!! 🥳🐦🎊🎉🎈🎂 I am so happy you are part of this community and assure you that you are not alone in sticking around for all of the wonderful people you’ve come across here!! I mean, I’m not gonna pretend that shout-out didn’t make me slightly teary-eyed 😭💙 **sniffily grabs her tissues at the honor of being featured on Rachel’s list with so many other awesome people**

    HOWEVER, LET ME JUST MAKE ONE THING CLEAR: As long as you deliver on the borderline weird front, I don’t care about deeply informative and helpful posts at all!!! 😁🥰 Seriously, Rachel, your crazy ideas always make my day, so go on being you and giving us wonderful Disney posts, eccentric fangirling, chucking books at people, and random bird and language facts! I WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF THEM!!! 💙 I love all of your posts and don’t think I could ever pick a favorite!!

    Here’s to many more amazing years of blogging to come!! 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

      ha maybe its just the universal blogger experience. aw but i totally meant it, i LOVE talking with you, you’re such an amazing person!!
      asdfghjkjdfg thank you so much!! tho let me warn you against encouraging my weirdness BUT i can assure you that’s the way my posts are always going to stay!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. AHHH RACHEL!!! CONGRATS ON TWO YEARS OF BLOGGING!!! your posts are always some of my absolute favorite because your personality shines through in them and i’m ALWAYS having a good time and adding new books to my tbr when reading them!! thank you so much for your kind words💜

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy bloggiversary friend!! I always enjoy reading your chaotic posts when they show up on my reader, and I hope you keep going for many more years to come!!
    Thanks for the shoutout❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. omg! CONGRATS!!! I love you and your blog so so much, I’m so happy for you 💙 I love ur posts, and I love talking to, here’s to many more u angel!! Also I’m glad u brought up ur WHTF post because that post lives in my head rent free 😅 Congrats again, keep doing what ur doing because it’s amazing 💙

    Liked by 1 person

  6. RACHEL!!! HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY AND HAPPY 2 YEAR BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BLOG!! ❤️❤️ Two entire years is honestly SO AMAZING and I’m really really proud of you for sticking with blogging and working so hard on posts AND YOUR GORGEOUS, PERFECT BLOG FOR SO LONG!! I’ve probably mentioned before THAT I AM UNHEALTHILY OBSESSED WITH YOUR BLOG AND SOMETIMES TEND TO JUMP UP AND DOWN UPON SEEING YOUR POSTS IN MY READER?? I’VE MENTIONED THAT RIGHT?? Because it’s true. And shhh don’t talk about ‘informative and helpful posts’ YOUR WEIRD POSTS ARE AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OK?? Your introductions are always the most ENTERTAINING AND MAKE MY DAY SO MUCH BETTER – THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR WRITING THEM 😭😭 And did we ever talk about how much I love your introductions??? THE BIRD FACTS WERE GENIUS. (I miss them 😭) and the heist post MADE ME LOSE MY MIND BECAUSE!! HOW??? it’s probably my favorite, BUT ALSO THE BOOKS AS WEAPONS?? AND ALL OF YOUR GORGEOUS REVIEWS??? HAHAHAHHA- choosing favorites is so HARD.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. ANOUSHKA THANK YOU AHH! yess same actually,, i never thought i’d make such a routine of it?
      omg SEE YOU ALWAYS HYPE ME UP SO MUCH (and now i can literally see you jumping up and down in my mind’s eye)
      YAY WEIRD POSTS APPRECIATION!! I do not know what i did to deserve such a friend *sniffs*

      Liked by 1 person

  7. AHHHH RACHEL HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!! 2 YEARS IS EXTRAORDINARY AND I’M SO SO GLAD TO HAVE STUMBLED UPON YOUR BLOG WHEN I DID !! And aww thank you so so much for mentioning me!!💖💖💖 It’s so much fun chatting with you about the most random things and I love the crazy turns our conversations always take 😂😂
    AND ‘YOUR RECOMMENDING BOOKS BASED ON DISNEY MOVIES’ SERIES IS SERIOUSLY AMAZING, they’re always some of my favourite posts to read! OH AND YOUR ‘FICTIONAL CHARACTER I’D TAKE ALONG FOR A HEIST’?? SUCH AN INNOVATIVE AND FUN IDEA AHH I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! your posts are always so so unique and it is such a blast talking (screaming) with you about books, life and heartstopper!! Here’s to many more years to come, AND A LOT OF FANGIRLING AS WELL!!!💖💖💖💖


    1. THANK YOU SUHANI!! ooo was it fate or was it chance i wonder?
      same,, love chatting with you!
      AHH THOSE ARE MY PERSONAL FAVS TOO, it makes me so happy that they were well received!!


  8. Hiiii I’m here I’m back and I miss talking to you too, I love talking in comments!
    I’ve been kinda inactive since like mid april because I’ve had a bunch of stuff going on and also no motivation to blog, but I’m slowly trying to get back into it and hopefully you’ll see a few of my posts sometime soon in the future (then again, I have finals coming up, so maybe you won’t).
    Anyways enough about me, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!! Two years is a crazy accomplishment, I mean look at this thing you’ve created and kept going!!! That’s amazing!!! Your posts are some of my favorites in the blogosphere and I always love reading your chaotic comments throughout your posts!
    Here’s to more chatting in comments and many years of blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HII PHOENIX yay so happy to see you again!! ah same here actually it was only sometime in mid may i could get my head back in the blogging game.
      THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ahhh omg you’re going to kill me with the compliments <33 yesss cheers!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay! Aah, yeah, I don’t know when I’ll be back to posting but…I’m here again, so that’s a plus! OF COURSE and haha I mean if you’re going to die, being killed by compliments isn’t a bad way to go out?


  9. RACHEL!! happy 2 year blogiversary omg!! i literally just had mine too so like i get what you mean when you say it feels like it’s been a while but it also feels like we’ve just started 😭 i feel so honoured to be featured in your post along with SO many wonderful bloggers though omg 💗 i’ve been away for a long while but i still always love reading your posts and genuinely like naemi said i prefer your AMAZING borderline weird posts over informative and helpful posts anyday rip

    ALSO I LOVE ALL YOUR POSTS SO MUCH but the posts that are your favourites are def my favourites too omg like the fictional characters i’d take along for a heist post?? genius.

    happy blogiversary again!! 💕💕


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