About me

Hola! I’m Rachel, a nerdy teenager and your regular bookworm extraordinaire. When I’m not reading, I can be found watching Netflix, sobbing over fictional characters, working on my WIP, playing badminton in the sports club, chatting with my lovely reader and writer friends (yes YOU!) and contemplating my existence in general. Here are some seemingly random facts about me which will help you know the person behind the screen better (or maybe just scare you away but I’ll take the risk)

Random Facts About Me

↠ While it takes me away for some time from my precious books, I am a bit of a study-aholic (non existent word alert!) and I enjoy math (one of my MANY strengths lol), history (its basically a non fiction book after all) and chemistry (living life BALANCED!).

↠ I have somewhat of an obsession with the Six Of Crows duology hence the plethora of references to the Grishaverse in my posts.

↠ My monthly wrap-ups begin with weird bird facts (in 2021) and weird word facts (in 2022), just saying.

↠ I am short heighted (my body refuses to grow beyond 5 feet 1 inch) so I’ll probably have to crane my neck to talk to you if we ever meet irl. My fellow shorties, I feel for you.

↠ My favourite genres are fantasy (because magic *said with jazz hands*), mystery (though i’ve sorta grown out of murder mysteries), historical fiction (like I said, i enjoy history) and contemporary (yay for the humour and the ~feels~)

↠ I’m a sucker for the found family trope (especially when all of them are loners), and my other favourite tropes are the grumpy-sunshine pairing (the banter!) and of course the evergreen enemies to lovers (the angst and mutual yearning is EVERYTHING).

↠ As you might have already gathered, I use parentheses a LOT. (so cute, aren’t they?)

↠ I’m an ISTJ personality type. That means I’m always practical, not very emotional and I like to be in control of my life.

↠ I hate travelling; I get carsick, seasick, planesick and every other kind of sick there is while in a vehicle. And worst of all, I can’t even read a book while travelling without feeling nauseous.

↠ My favourite month is March, because its spring and everything’s green and also because it’s my birthday month!