Review Policy

Hello there, I see you have found my review policy page! If you would like me to review any book, including ARCs, I would request you to go through my preferences listed here first.


Genres/Age Group

Age Group YES: Young Adult, Adult

Age Group NO: Middle Grade

Genres YES: Fantasy, Contemporary/contemporary romance (only YA), Mystery/crime, Science Fiction

Genres NO: Paranormal fantasy, Erotica, Horror

Book Formats

I accept Ebooks in EPub, Mobi and PDF formats. I also accept physical copies, as long as there are no shipping/mailing costs.

Other Info

→ I will be posting reviews on this blog, and I might write a mini-review and/or share a link to my review post on Goodreads or Instagram.

→ On mailing me for a book review request, expect my reply within a week.

→ I generally do not review ARCs that I rate 2 stars or below.

→ I reserve the right to decline any review request.

If you’ve made it this far and would still like to make a review request, then all that’s left is for you to contact me – you can do so either by filling the form on my Contact page or mailing me directly on!