8 Queer Books I Loved And 8 That Are On My TBR

Don’t you hate it when people answer their own question? I do. (HA see what i did there?) *groans from the audience* Aw come on lighten up, not all of us can tell brilliant jokes ok?

In other news, happy pride month!

If you’ve been around for a while, you’d know that I pretty much read queer books all year round and that’s true BUT being the opportunist I am, I couldn’t just let pride month slip by without a post on it, could I? Soo in similar pattern to my diverse books post looong back, here’s a recommendation post for queer books! All of these have lgbtq main characters with considerable focus on their relationships. Now let’s make that TBR pile taller, shall we?

Oh also! Have I inserted song lyrics with similar vibes with the books too for some reason? Why yes I have and you can’t stop me MWAHAHA

In Deeper Waters by FT Lukens: Princes, handsome mermen, pirates and an exciting sea faring adventure! Rep: m|m
🎡 To fall in love with strangers ah-ah ah-ah

Perfect On Paper by Sophie Gonzales: An anonymous dating advice service- run from a high school locker by a girl who is hopelessly in love with her oblivious best friend! Rep: bi f|m
🎡 I can make the bad guys good for a weekend

Not My Problem by Ciara Smyth: Have a problem? Aideen can solve it- in exchange for a favour. Rep: f|f
🎡 You’re turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or

The Extraordinaries by TJ Klune: Superheroes in a contemporary world sounds overused, but this gay best-friends-to-lovers will have you cackling like nothing else. Rep: m|m
🎡 I drive down different roads, but they all lead back to you

Cemetery Boys: Accidental spirit summoning? And falling in love with said spirit?? A brilliant concept with immaculate spooky vibes! Rep: m|m
🎡 If I can’t be close to you, I’ll settle for the ghost of you

Sweet and Bitter Magic: What happens when a grump and sunshine have to save the world from dark magic? Sparks fly of course. Rep: f|f
🎡 Are we out of the woods yet?

So This Is Ever After: A hilariously ridiculous Arthurian retelling which takes after your usual YA fantasy quest! Rep: m|m
🎡 I’ve been loving you for quite some time, time, time

House In The Cerulean Sea: A tired middle-aged government employee discovers purpose, family and love on his newest magical assignment! This one is going to tug at all your heartstrings. Rep: m|m
🎡 In this world, it’s just us

Flip The Script by Layla Lee: Bisexual mc fake dating her way through a Kdrama? Excuse me while I LOSE MY MIND OVER HERE.

Cafe Con Lychee: After Tweet Cute I cannot for the life of me resist anything with rival bakeries. I need lots of food descriptions ok?

Red White & Royal Blue: I’m pleased to report that the hype has finally gotten to me and I cannot put off reading this for any longer if I value my life.

Be Dazzled: Randomly came across this on goodreads and i am, dare i say, DAZZLED.

Something Fabulous: I heard “reserved duke” and “falling for the wrong sibling” and came running like-

Spin Me Right Around: Yeah time travel in contemporary hasn’t really worked out for me in the past but I’m willing to give it a second chance because I’m generous like that.

Late To The Party: Actually this doesn’t really seem any different than all the other ya contemporaries out there, but i see lots of five star reviews from my friends?? Peer pressure exists guys.

Under The Whispering Door: Down with the physical tbr! *ahem* I mean, do I know this is going to BREAK me like Cerulean Sea?? Without a doubt. Is that why I’m scared to read it in the first place? Maybe?

Favourite queer books? (i need RECS) Have you read any of these? Thoughts on them?? (also did you see i actually worked on graphics for once) (aand did you realize i may be slightly obsessed with taylor swift)

~ Rachel

Ranking My First 22 Reads Of 2022! // indecisiveness galore

Ranking in general gives me all the feels.

When I’m being ranked, there’s the nervous butterflies, the foot-tapping anticipation and an undignified urge to stick out a tongue at my fellow competitor. When I’m doing the ranking, there’s the undeniable need to do justice, the thrill of selecting the top three and the fear of retaliation from the bottom.

Soo. *claps hands in quick succession* Since I’m in the mood for the package of feelings that comes with ranking today, I’m going to rank… books! Let us ignore the fact that books are, in fact, the only thing I’m qualified enough to rank.

Ok here’s how this is going to work. I am going to be ranking the first 22 books (because it’s 2022, get it?) I’ve read this year based on my opinion on them. We’re going to start in reverse order and work our way all the way to the top, meaning the books are in the order of worst to best. To make things more organized, there are also six categories under which certain consecutive rankings fall under, to express my overall feelings for those books. Each book cover shall be linked to it’s goodreads page and beside it are highlights (from the pov of yours truly) from the story which could either make you want to devour the book whole or run far far away from it.

With all that out of the way, let’s get started!

β€” #22 Caraval by Stephanie Garber β€”

β†’ a magical, dark treasure hunt type competition
β†’ a weak willed, “i just want to save my sister” main character
β†’ too many reminders of how “dangerous” the “game” is
β†’ anticlimatic deaths that aren’t even real

β€” #21 Blazewrath Games by Amparo Ortiz β€”

β†’ a dragon flying Quidditch style sport
β†’ 16-18 year olds behave like 10 year olds
β†’ weirdly written dialogue
β†’ so many characters, so little info

β€” #20 Jade City by Fonda Lee β€”

β†’ rival clans and family politics
β†’ probably the slowest book you’ll ever read
β†’ seriously, it’s sloowww
β†’ oh also lots of POVs

β€” #19 Dead Girls Can’t Tell Secrets by Chelsea Khaso β€”

β†’ pretty classic murder mystery
β†’”everyone is hiding something”
β†’ feels like a wild goose chase
β†’ school secrets

β€” #18 Ace Of Shades β€”

β†’ dark fantasy
β†’ gang lords and con men
β†’ morally grey love interest
β†’ a sadist game of execution

β€” #17 The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe β€”

β†’ heavy themes (pls check tws!)
β†’ more about the past than the present
β†’ the present being a bank hostage situation which could have been made highly interesting
β†’ focuses on one and one character only

β€” #16 Not Here To Be Liked by Michelle Quach β€”

β†’ themes of feminism
β†’ romance was sort of instalove-y, there was no chemistry
β†’ lots of important things happened quickly
β†’ the love interest had zero personality except being an ex jock

β€” #15 Portrait Of A Thief by Grace D. Li β€”

β†’ college students turned thieves
β†’ colonization of art
β†’ chinese american identity
β†’ monologues on imperialism and “the American dream”

β€” #14 Hani And Ishu’s Guide To Fake Dating by Adiba Jaigirdar β€”

β†’ desi main characters
β†’ biphobic white friends
β†’ fake dating (duh)
β†’ parental (they’re asian soo) pressure

β€” #13 Down Comes The Night by Allison Saft β€”

β†’ sworn enemies to lovers
β†’ killerΓ—healer pairing
β†’ wintry night vibes
β†’ changing sides! betrayal! redemption! more betrayal!

β€” #12 Sweet & Bitter Magic by Adrienne Tooley β€”

β†’ sapphic witches
β†’ sunshineΓ—grumpy
β†’ magic gone wrong
β†’ a long journey (more like a quest actually)

β€” #11 Hidden In Plain Sight by Jeffrey Archer β€”

β†’ a witty detective story
β†’ smart and well thought out plot
β†’ taking down a drug squad
β†’ new additions to the team

β€” #10 So This Is Ever After by FT Lukensβ€”

β†’ weird in the best way
β†’ friends to lovers awkwardness
β†’ set in a castle
β†’ takes place after your usual YA quest

β€” #9 In Deeper Waters by FT Lukens β€”

β†’ pirates and princes
β†’ and handsome mermen too
β†’ supportive elder siblings
β†’ kidnapping and rescues galore

β€” #8 If This Gets Out by Sophie Gonzales and Cale Dietrich β€”

β†’ boy bands, fame and cancel culture
β†’ the best mother group
β†’ gay adorableness
β†’ openly gay vs closeted

β€” #7 You Have A Match by Emma Lord β€”

β†’ full summer-y vibes
β†’ best friends to lovers
β†’ secret sisters who couldn’t be more unlike each other
β†’ all sibling and platonic relationships were *chef’s kiss*

β€” #6 Geekerella by Ashley Poston β€”

β†’ modern day Cinderella retelling (minus the cheesy parts)
β†’ a delightful fandom… and a con!
β†’ anonymous texting
β†’ nerd supremacy

β€” #5 Namesake by Adrienne Youngβ€”

β†’ pirate-y adventure
β†’ treasure hunting for a mythical gem
β†’ torn familial relationships
β†’ morally grey cast

β€” #4 Tweet Cute by Emma Lord β€”

β†’ twitter wars!
β†’ ridiculously delicious desserts
β†’ rivals to friends to lovers
β†’ anonymous texting

β€” #3 Fable by Adrienne Young β€”

β†’ dangerous mc with traumatic past
β†’ found family
β†’ a not-so-merry journey through the seas
β†’ shocking reveals at every page

β€” #2 When You Get The Chance by Emma Lord β€”

β†’ a cheerful, goofy mc who is my new favourite person
β†’ reverse mamma mia!
β†’ the best platonic relationships
β†’ witty, immersive writing

β€” #1 Our Violent Ends by Chloe Gong β€”

β†’ romeo juliet retelling
β†’ emotional rollercoaster
β†’ enemies to lovers PERFECTION and so. much. angst.
β†’ rival gangs, blood feuds, stabby women and soft men

Have you read any of these?? Bonus points if you’ve read them this year too! THOUGHTS ON THEM? Which are YOUR favourite reads so far this year?? (do not be fooled by the size of my tbr, i’m ALWAYS looking for yet more recommendations)

~ Rachel