Autumn Wrap-Up // this is embarrassing on so many levels

If I disappeared into thin air, would I be missed mist?

(Oh my god I think in all this time I was away, my jokes have actually become worse. Which, considering how groan-worthy they were before is an impressive feat in itself.)

But I’d like you guys to appreciate how the joke isn’t even hypothetical at this point. Speaking of which yes I am aware I need to explain my *cough* absence. *averts eyes*

Okay so let me start from the beginning. Let us establish that this wasn’t *entirely* my fault. Look I didn’t want to be…

a half-blood.

HAHA GOT YOU. Did you see the PJO show trailer?? Isn’t it so perfect like-

Okay okay you really can’t be distracted for 2 seconds can you? *huffs* Soo about my disappearance. As much as I’d like to tell you it was because I was heist-ing (YES I AM STILL OBSESSED WITH SUCH THINGS WHY DO YOU ASK) or pirate-ing all this while, my life isn’t nearly as adventurous. I was studying and crying about exams and worrying about failing and studying more and topping the class and then studying again so. School basically is a life-sucking force we shall not talk about anymore THIS IS A SAFE SPACE SHOO

Anyway, we’re now going to be doing a combined wrap-up for august-september-october-november (gosh have i really been gone THAT long?). Let’s just say I totally embraced the autumn vibes these last couple of months.

(ugh the formatting is AWFUL on the Reader so please read this post on the website by clicking here)

I’ve read very little these past few months (because SCHOOL!!) but most of them have been quality reads so that’s a win I guess?

So the highlights were that I became obsessed with The Poppy War trilogy and how could I not when the writing was so brutal, so haunting? And after Babel, I have reached RF Kuang worshipper level. I also discovered the joys of dark academia (thank you booksta) and I am officially in love with the genre. I also read my second classic of the year (the first of pride and prejudice) and Dorian Gray still haunts my dreams.

So I FINALLY watched the ICONIC Little Women and my mind was a mush of JOLAURIE JOLAURIE JOLAURIE for a solid hour.

I also gave in to the hype and checked out Dead Poets Society and I WAS NOT READY FOR THE PAIN. I totally understand why it’s a classic- the plot, the acting everything was MASTERFUL.

Other than that, I’ve mostly been keeping up with new shows like Spy Family and Wednesday and the Enola Holmes movies.

Last week I represented my school in an intra-city badminton tournament! We lost in the quarter-finals but that’s okay we won quite a few rounds before that and it definitely was an amazing learning experience.

MIDNIGHTS OH MY GOSH. So you see I’ve become somewhat of a hardcore Taylor Swift fan in the past few months (listening to Fearless while writing this hehe) and her latest album Midnights has been the highlight of my life since October and I am not even exaggerating. Midnight Rain and Snow On The Beach and Great War and Would’ve Should’ve Could’ve are my top songs atm.

ALSO SHADOW AND BONE SEASON 2 RELEASE DATE WAS HERE TODAY i’m dying over here because NIKOLAI!! WYLAN!! TOLYA AND TAMAR!! I apologise in advance for the person I’ll become on march 16th (although i’ll have finals then so i’ll probably have to wait till march end but that means i can watch it on my birthday (28th march)!!)

I bagged 2nd prize at our intra-school chess competition! I feel like I could be even better at the game if I just put in a little time into it which I’ve started doing lately.

Oh and I can finally flex that I’ve taken to playing the keyboard! I am very proud of the fact that I can play the entirety of Snow On The Beach and Exile :)) and also the chorus of Enchanted (working on the whole song rn and the tune just makes me so happy)

I’ve been quite active over on my bookstagram account (though I still can’t click pretty pictures for the life of me :’) all this while so feel free to contact me on there too!

I’ve honestly missed you guys so much so TELL ME EVERYTHING! How have you been?? Random exciting things that have happened in your life?? New posts for me to check out? Favourite Midnights songs? Recent favourite books (I NEED RECS)

Feel free to completely spam the comments, nothing would make me happier!!



12 thoughts on “Autumn Wrap-Up // this is embarrassing on so many levels

  1. Definitely missed you! Congratulations on your 2nd prize win.🥳🥳 You reading Babel during school is a super power. That book is huge.

    I still need to catch up on the new episodes of spy x family.

    I hope you have a great December 🥰💕


  2. So glad to have you back and congrats on second place that’s amazing. It has been many years since I played chess. Honestly I don’t think I remember how to play. I loved Wednesday and Enola Holmes 2. I’ve never been into the Addams family but Wednesday was a amazing. I hope they come out with more episodes. I’m also a big fan of Millie Bobby Brown so of course I was going to be watching Enola. I’ve been loving Taylor’s new album as well some of my favorites are Anti Hero, Bejeweled and Midnight Rain. I’ve been participating in Blogmas this month so there’s lots of new content over on my blog. I hope you have a great December!!


  3. Welcome back. You’ve certainly read some heavyweights while you’ve been gone. R F Kuang is brilliant and I’m so glad you loved Dorian Grey. It’s one of my all time greats


  4. OHMYGOSH RACHEL YOU DONT EVEN HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA HOW MUCH I MISSED YOU AND YOUR CHAOS-FILLED POSTS AND ALSO YOUR SELF-PROCLAIMED GROAN-WORTHY JOKES (SHH. I love them) SO WELCOME BACK. Reading this post was literally the highlight of my day AND AM VERY GRATEFUL LIKE THAT 😌 I LOVE. Also omg yayy to experiencing the painful masterpiece that is the works of r.f.kuang I STILL NEED TO CATCH UP WITH THE TPW SERIES AND BABEL but am silently procrastinating because I’m not sure I can take the pain yet. ALSO RACHEL SHARA WHEELER I DEMAND IMMEDIATE THOUGHTS PLEASE??!!!?!!

    Also look I know how this might result in the taking away of my bookworm license BUT I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT THE LITTLE WOMEN 2019 ADAPTATION LEAVES THE BOOK IN THE DUST. It’s phenomenal.

    CONGRATS on the chess win and also badminton and surviving school I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST DECEMBER WHILE ALSO NOT LEAVING US WAITING FOR MORE POSTS TOO LONG. I love this.


  5. Ahh I missed seeing you here!!
    YES the pjo trailer looks so perfect and I can’t wait to watch the entire show. I’m still not on board with the nikolai casting but wylan, tolya and tamar look so perfect!!! And I’m so glad you liked the little women film, it’s one of my favourite movies ever.


  6. AHHHH, RACHEL, I MISSED YOUR TERRIBLE JOKES SO MUCH!! (And everything else about your posts, too.) I AM SO HAPPY YOU’RE BACK!! 🥳🤗🥳

    It sounds like you had a lot going on in the time you were gone, though. Congrats on conquering those exams, on your chess and badminton successes, and on discovering the wonderfulness that is dark academia!! And, omg, I need Shadow & Bone Season 2 so badly!!!

    Anyway, sorry for the belated reply – I am currently on hiatus, so consider this me peeping in before I disappear into the chaos that is real life again 😅 You’re definitely not the only one pulling disappearing acts! 😂

    Have a great December!! 💙


  7. omg Rachel! welcome back! i’m literally so excited, if we were villains, dorian gray, dead poets society and peaky blinders! they’re all some of my favourites, i feel like you published my list of favourite things ever 😅 and omg shadow and bone season 2!! i screamed, i’m literally so excited! anyways, it’s amazing to have you back, and congrats on your tournament!


    That pjo trailer was AMAZING i cannot wait for the show!!
    AHHH SO MANY GOOD BOOKS, I see a lot of rf Kuang SO THAT IS A WIN
    Also Taylor!!!! Midnight rain>>>
    Congrats on the chess competition omg that’s so great!! ❤


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