2022 Wrap-Up: Stats, Favourites and Reflections + Following Up On The 2022 Goals

This simply wouldn’t be a Rachel post without a new year (cringe) joke at the beginning so here we go

What was the spider’s new year resolution? To spend less time on the web.

Yeahh not my best (or worst, depending on which way you see my attempts) but as usual we shall not dwell on petty things. Technicalities, my dears.

In a deja vu moment from the 2021 wrap-up post (the good old days *sigh*) let’s get right into wrapping up 2022!

(as usual the formatting is terrible in the Reader so please read the post HERE)

It is with great apprehension I inform you- I didn’t reach my Goodreads goal of 65 books this year. I blame this entirely on school (SHOO PEST) and partly on 1st-January-2022-Rachel’s overconfidence in her time management abilities. But then again, 2021-Rachel did manage to read 72 books that year so her overconfidence was justified?? YEAH SO SCHOOL ITS ALL ON YOU.

Anyway I did manage to get pretty close to 65 plus I have all these lil graphics and numbers to make up for it!

General Stats

Books Read: 59 | | Pages Read: 22231 | | Average book length: 383 pages

Best Books Of The Year

Worst Books Of The Year

Top Authors

R.F. Kuang (4 books read this year): Miss Kuang could write a biology textbook and I’d read it (which is saying a lot ok??)

Alice Oseman (5 books read this year): I am utterly in love with the osemanverse agh

Book Genres

I mean 2021-Rachel would have had a heart attack looking at this because WOW i really branched out of my comfort zone. It’s funny how I read the only paranormal and dark academia of my life just in these last 2 months (october-november because i had become an autumn girlie). I got tired of the YA contemporaries about mid way into the year so that’s when fantasy and mystery started picking up pace and voila fantasy almost made it.

Book Format

Libraries for the win because I can finally read paperbacks instead of buying everything on my kindle!! (also my sole audiobook of the year was Pride & Prejudice in case you were wondering)

Publishing Date

Age Range

This is probably the biggest change from 2021 because LOOK AT RACHEL GROWING UP!! I sort of didn’t read ANY middle grade at all and instead took deep dive into adult (only fantasy, mystery and general fiction so far tho)

HAHAHA i can finally see how the end of the year can be depressing when it comes to stats BUT. lets just be objective and say that i basically had no time + energy to write out posts in the second half of the year so this little corner of the internet has been pathetically neglected?? So this section is no where near as large and detailed as last year’s but here’s some of my personal favourite posts from this year: (click on the featured images to be taken to the respective posts!!)

Time to see how badly I did on the goals I’d set for myself last year!

– Read more historical fiction Starting out easy huh? Yes I did read more historical fiction than 2021 soo that’s one down 4 to go!

– Shorten that physical tbr Eh partway successful? I read a lot of my physical copies… but bought several more (HEY i blame my birthday ok? and christmas. and the other… occasions which CANNOT have existed without book buying.)

– Catch up on arcs and arc reviews oh god let’s just not bring that up please. i am literally drowning in arc reviews even though I haven’t requested ARCs in MONTHS since i stopped posting reviews here.

– Follow up on series Yeahhh that did not happen. BUT i have a VERY valid reason. Owing to my goldfish memory, i do not remember the events of any book I read before yesterday so i’d have to reread the initial books to continue a series which. TOO MUCH WORK. and i’m lazy as they come.

– Work on my WIP cough cough excuse me i’m trying to manifest this goal away forever. When was it that I gave up on my so-called writing project? 2nd of January 2022? i think that’s right. yeah it’s safe to say i’m out of my writing phase now, thank you very much.


Which were some of your top reads of 2022?? Most read authors? New favourite genres?? Anticipated 2023 releases? What’s on your 2023 tbr?? Feel free to absolutely spam me with recs!!



6 thoughts on “2022 Wrap-Up: Stats, Favourites and Reflections + Following Up On The 2022 Goals

  1. I didn’t reach my goal of 100 books either 😭 curse school. 2021 me read 100 books with no problem. smh.
    but anyway- ALICE OSEMAN!!! Radio Silence made it onto my 2022 favourites list too.. and loveless. And heartstopper 3 and 4.
    and oof, shortening my physical tbr is a goal for me this year. I don’t have thaaaat much hope that I’m actually gonna do it though-
    Loved this post!! seeing your reading stats was cool. 😌 Have a great year : )


  2. that joke made me smile. Love seeing your stats. I didn’t write my goals anywhere in 2021 so it’s comforting not to feel apprehensive and yet they somehow make me feel I didn’t complete them!! This year I’m writing resolutions and goals. I’m bad at completing them but I like to see how long I can follow them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. poppy war and radio silence so true omg! i’m reading babel rn and am absolutely loving it!! i didn’t finish my reading goal this year either because school was just v overwhelming 😭 hope you have a lovely 2023 and loved reading this post <33


  4. Hello from a fellow non-goal-meeter! 🤣 You’re going to have to wait two weeks to get the specifics – look at me stretching my content out like a pro to try to avoid going on hiatus again 😎 – but let’s just say I totally failed my Goodreads challenge (but cheated by lowering my goal at the very last minute 😇) and kind of forgot to follow through on most of my other goals, too (Whoops 🤷🏼‍♀️)… Still, even if you didn’t do everything 2021 Rachel planned out for you, it looks like you had a very successful reading year! I spy so many great books on your favorites list!!! 🤩 Also, I love those 2023 goals! I expect WIP updates, alright? 🙃


  5. 59 books!!! That is absolutely AMAZING! And all of your favourites>>>> RADIO SILENCE, BABEL, IWWV, THE POPPY WAR??? ALL AMAZING
    Oh my I’m getting flip the script flashbacks that was a dark time
    Have a great 2023!! ❤


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