October + November Wrap-Up // superheroes, murder mysteries, heists and aliens

*inside a cave* Quack. Quaaaaack! *no answer*

Ahem. Sorry, I was just testing whether this unbelievable bird fact that I came across was true.
Apparently, a duck’s quack does not echo ANYWHERE, and no one knows why.

With this time’s monthly weird bird fact we have established, once more, that ducks are creepy.

I am not kidding when I say October was a terrible reading month. It was one of those hectic months when suddenly all sorts of exams and tests came up- school, coaching institute and other additional projects. However, lack of time wasn’t the only reason I didn’t read much, I also fell in a sort of reading slump. The result – only 4 books, my lowest so far this year.

The Extraordinaries (The Extraordinaries, #1)
THE HUMOUR?! unfortunately it was a tad too predictable for my taste

Skyward (Skyward, #1)
idk how to feel about this book

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder (A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, #1)
the mystery was nicely constructed, but i personally am not a fan of how it was resolved at the very end

Perfect on Paper
ahh i finally understand the massive hype surrounding this

November was a total turnaround from October. I suddenly had lots of free time and found myself out of my slump too so naturally, lots of books and a very happy human.

The Hawthorne Legacy (The Inheritance Games, #2)
um. no. sorry.
Flash Fire (The Extraordinaries, #2)
once again, spot on humour and the plot was better than the first one
The Helheim Princess (The Helheim Prophecy, #1)
something about the structure of the story felt a little amateur, but otherwise all good
The Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, #1)
the six of crows vibes this gave me was just-
Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)
as good as the first time if not better??
Truly Devious (Truly Devious, #1)
i am no expert but this is not how a mystery is supposed to be written. and what even was that ending?
These Violent Delights (These Violent Delights, #1)
whoa. just whoa. i need the sequel now😭
This Last Adventure
so emotional and thought provoking

Hmm there’s not much to say really. I spent more than half of October on hiatus so I posted very little, and November was a pretty average month.
Here are my top 3 posts from October and November! (click on the featured images to be taken to the respective posts!)

I share my thoughts on We Are Not Free, an emotionally wrenching story set during WWII (basically a whole lot of crying and screaming)

I recommend my favourite books by POC authors and likewise leads and also share a part of my diverse tbr!

In this insanely chaotic post I choose books to throw at Jesper if I was David from the Shadow & Bone show!

Kashvi @Kerch Books lists her favourite books of the year so far!

Phoenix @Books With Wings shares 5 reasons she’s grateful for blogging!

Siena @Booksophobia discusses why she never requests arcs anymore!

Khyati @Booklore recommends books with pretty covers!

Madeline @The Bookish Mutant shares sci-fi books with the found family trope!

Amanda @Bookish Brews explains what dark fantasy is and recommends some diverse dark fantasy reads!

Isha @Paperbacktomes writes why she prefers paperbacks over hardbacks!

April @Booked Till Midnight reviews Down Comes The Night!

Aashi @Words On Fleek shares some things she gets told as a bookworm!

Gauri @ A Book And Chai lists lots of diverse 2022 debuts to look out for!

Birdie @Birdie’s Booktopia shares her anticipated releases of November!

Kaya @ A Fictional Bookworm lists the 5 tropes she can’t get enough of!

Cherry @Letters To The Lost shares her fictional bucket list!

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Asic @ Haven lists the things she’d rate a 0/10!

Saima @Stories With Saima shares her top 10 books she’s read this year so far!

💨 I went on a road trip with my parents and our neighbors to Shirdi, a very popular temple where I live. The trip took a little longer than planned (we spent more than 10 hours in the car!) but okay.

💨 I created an account on Edelweiss and went on a requesting spree, not expecting to get approved for any of them. BUT I GOT APPROVED FOR MY FIRST REQUEST (Portrait of a thief) WHICH WAS ONE OF MY MOST ANTICIPATED RELEASES OF 2022!! I mean, it has a heist plot so… (I’m still waiting on my other 5 arc requests🤞)

💨 I did not touch a single cracker this Diwali! #GreenDiwali

💨 I started writing again! My WIP, which I started in late October, was abandoned for most of November, but then in the last week of November I finished writing the first chapter of my fantasy novel!!

Do you use Edelweiss? Have you read any of the books I read in these two months? Scream with me about them in the comments!

~ Rachel

30 thoughts on “October + November Wrap-Up // superheroes, murder mysteries, heists and aliens

  1. thank you for mentioning my post!! i’m sorry you weren’t able to read as much as you wanted in october, but glad you’ve been having a good november!! I’m SO glad as well to see someone who wasn’t fond of Truly Devious as well – I just didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else??
    hope your december is great ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you’re welcome!
      ah yes, I think I was pretty invested in the story when it started, but then there was the romance that felt forced, and finally even the mystery doesn’t get solved – just no.
      thank you so much Saima!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. ahaha yeah I don’t have a very hectic schedule for a while now atleast, I’m happy about that!
      Oh really? I mean, Sanderson is such a popular author, and nearly everyone loves his books so I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking Skyward wasn’t anything special.
      you’re welcome! and thank you for the comment Madeline 💙

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay, the bird facts are back! 🤗🤗 And as to your questions, no, I don’t use Edelweiss, and yes, I’ve read a few of these books! I loved A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and Six of Crows (obviously 🥰) and felt very meh about The Gilded Wolves and Truly, Devious…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes they are indeed back in full swing 😉
      Hmm yeah AGGGTM was pretty nice (not sure about the sequels though, based on the reviews I don’t think I’ll enjoy them as much) and of course SoC is the best! oh I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the gilded wolves, I can understand how it could have been a hit or miss. As for Truly Devious, I just felt like I’d wasted 10 hours of my life listening to the audiobook, so there’s that.
      Thank you for the comment Naemi ✨

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So, turns out, your blog isn’t just an amazing source of finding new books to read, but also very helpful in acing… umm, fact classes? GK? What do you call it? But now I can tell whoever asks that a duck’s quack doesn’t form an echo in a cave, and I owe that knowledge entirely to you, so THANK YOU!
    I want to read Perfect on Paper and A good girl’s guide to murder so bad 😭😭 And all those humor mentions I read there? DEFINITELY CHECKING THEM OUT TOO. I am so glad to hear you had an amazing reading month in November, and hope December is great for you too!!


    1. *ad commercial voice* Looking to increase your general knowledge, specifically in the field of weird bird facts? Visit A Bookworm’s Paradise!! ;))
      Yess please do, they’re all amazing books! Thank you, an amazing December to you too!!


  4. At this point, I should have read Perfect on Paper but I keep missing it. I’ve wanted to read it since April, but my TBRs are booked all the time. So happy to see that you enjoyed TVD, hope you love OVE too. Also, thanks for mentioning my post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s about time I’ve started following you! I love reading all your comments on my blog, and I’ve seen quite a few of your posts recommended all over blogs that I follow. I love your content and your blog design and I’m so happy to finally actually be following you! I don’t know what took me so long!
    As soon as I read that duck fact I had to tell the rest of the family who was sitting in the same room as me haha! And I’m so glad you enjoyed both The Extraordinaries and Flash Fire! I feel like not many people have read them, but they’re great! And Perfect on Paper is just AMAZING I’m so glad that you enjoyed!!!
    Thanks for mentioning my post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg thank you for the follow phoenix! that’s so gratifying, i love your posts too!!
      haha its good to see these weird bird facts reaching so many people 😄
      I know! The extraordinaries trilogy is not as popular as Klune’s other books for some reason. I’m soo excited for Heat wave!
      Thank you for the comment✨

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course, it should have happened long ago haha! I’m so glad you love my posts! Yeah I’m just going around and telling everyone these facts…but I looked it up and apparently ducks quacks do echo? Just super quietly so you can’t really hear them. Idk.
        Yessss It’s probably Because he usually writes adult and adult readers usually don’t wanna read YA and he’s not really on YA readers’ radar. Oh my gosh is Heat Wave the title of the next book??? I didn’t know!


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