I Started A Bookstagram! // first post and general excitement


Do I have a tiny snowflake-worth of aesthetic sense? Nope. (i am pretty sure my brain sees in black and white.) Can I take photos half as good as the average person? No sir. (believe me I have never used a filter in my life.) Did that stop me from creating an Instagram account? You bet not!

But since we are not here to talk about my many inabilities and backward technological skills, let’s focus on how I overcame (more like ignored-and-will-later-regret-it) these challenges and did what they said I could never do. (and they were right)

I STARTED A BOOKSTAGRAM! Yes I am aware the title of the post gave it away and regrettably stole the thunder of my announcement but play along, will you?

Soo my very first post went up earlier today and it was an appreciation post for one of my favourite authors from this year so far! No it doesn’t get any better than that. Take a look at it below!

In case you aren’t able to see the embedded post, my username is abookwyrmsparadise, go check it out on my profile!

Knowing myself, its going to be super hard to stick to a theme – but for the time being I have decided to keep pastel peaches and pinks as the backgrounds for my posts.

I plan to do mini-reviews, book features, recommendation lists and my trademark weird posts so all the bases are covered I think!

I also look forward to seeing all your bookstagram content as well so if you have an account, PLEASE tell me in the comments, I’d love to follow you!! And considering my aforementioned technological challenges, I wouldn’t mind if you guys shower me with tips and tricks!

Do you have a bookstagram?? When did you start? Any photo editing tips for me?? Let me know in the comments!

~ Rachel

27 thoughts on “I Started A Bookstagram! // first post and general excitement

  1. AHHHH THAT’S AMAZING NEWS RACHEL!!! YOUR FIRST PHOTO LOOKS SO PRETTYY EEEKK!!! I’ve always wanted to start a bookstagram BUT I’M JUST TOO LAZY AKSLDJE. also I really need to read Emma Lord’s books?? THEY ALL SEEM SO GOOD

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    1. YESS a literal dream come true! thank you thank you.
      ah i am going to keep you on knifepoint until you fulfill your promise of starting your own in June so laziness is not an excuse ok?? omg it will be a SIN not to read an emma lord book in your lifetime

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  2. Welcome to bookstagram!! I started mine in 2020 and it’s been such a fun time for me. My biggest advice is to do what you love and what works for you! I live in a tiny student dorm with pretty bad lighting and don’t have a lot of pretty background space so I’m limited with what I can do. So I just work within those limitations and figure out what kind of photos I enjoy taking. Also: don’t be afraid to try different things, even when you’ve had a theme or the same style for a while! I recently changed my photo setup entirely and it’s been a wonderful decision that really made me have a lot of fun with my posts again. Can’t wait to see your future posts 💜

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    1. thank you! ooo thats nice. ahh your photos are still so aesthetically pleasing?!? yes yes i’ll definitely keep that in mind, thank you so much!!


  3. I followed you earlier. My Instagram handle is mistysbookspace. Welcome to bookstagram!! If you look at my profile you will see that I don’t have a set theme to mine and I know most bookstagrammers like to have themes but I learned immediately that that doesn’t work for me because I am very limited on what I can do picture wise. I don’t have all the cool props or great lighting or good backgrounds so I try my best because that’s all you can do and you want to make sure you’re enjoying it. If I try to hard to make my pictures all pretty and aesthetically pleasing with props and all it stresses me out. Do what works for you and enjoy it and don’t let anyone make you feel like what you do isn’t good enough.

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    1. followed you back! yess yours looks so cool and colorful with no set theme too! same same, i don’t have a lot of photography experience soo i cam never determine the right props etc. thank you!!

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  4. AHHHH CONGRATULATIONS ON STARTING YOUR BOOKSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!! did i already mention that I AM POSSIBLY MORE EXCITED THAN YOU?? and WHAT is that talk about you seeing in black and white?? HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED AT THE GORGEOUSNESS THAT IS YOUR BLOG, RACHEL??? anyway, i hope you have the most amazing time on bookstagram!

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    1. THANK YOU!! ha no i dont think its physically possible to contain more excitement than me, i’m at the bursting limit.
      ok see that is a fact bc i’m as non-artistic as they come. oo are we even talking about the same blog?
      buuut thnak you again!!


  5. Ooooh, congrats on the bookstagram! 🤩 It already looks super professional!! Like, are you sure you haven’t been doing this longer, Rachel?? 😄 I’m not much of an instagram user, though (as in: I never use instagram, except once a year when people decide they need to message me on there to wish me a happy birthday 😁), so I think I’ll stick to WordPress for now… Though I’ll definitely drop by for beautiful aesthetics from time to time! 🥰

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    1. well MAYBE i have been doing this since a long time in a parallel universe, who knows??
      hehe thats a mood. yes yes its not like we jave any less fun here in our cozy Wp community!!

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